Bucket list

I see you have found my bucket list page. I have always meant to create a bucket list and so I decided that I would start that today. Of course many of these things are for older me to experience so current me is just trying to cross off the small ones that she can achieve. I’ll get them all done before I die, I swear it. 

1. Get a Saturday job that earns money.  July 2017, on the 25th of July I had an interview for a job, got the job that day and completed my first shift on 28th July. So not really just a Saturday job but a job, that has me working on Saturdays… I’m going to count it!

2. Complete The Order: 1886 – includes trophies. As of June 2015, I achieved this relatively easy task. It wasn’t all too taxing and was really just a baby step for me to start setting goals for myself and actually achieving them.

3. Tour every state in the U.S. in a VW camper van.

4. Read A Song of Ice & Fire. Completed in March 2017, then read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and completed that in April 2017. Took me over two years to read that whole series but I’ve finally done it!

5. Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

6. Move to some state in America for a time in my life. 

7. Go to a drive-in movie theatre.

8. Sign up for a gym membership. 

9. See the Northern Lights. 

10. Take a photo a day for a year. 

11. Be able to say I posted on my blog every week for a year. 

12. Go to RTX.

13. Go see Annie live on Broadway.  27th July 2017 I went into London to see Annie live with Miranda Hart at Piccadilly Theatre! Literally the best day of my life and I would easily watch that show over and over again! Even if it costs me so much!

14. Reach level 20 on PSN. 

15. Buy my dad colour blind glasses. 

16. Graduate University. 

17. Go see the lights at Christmas in New York. 

18. Be able to say I am at moderate level on either piano, drums or guitar.

19. Visit at least 20 different countries from the age of 18+. 

20. Go a whole month without playing any type of video game. 

21. Go see a stand-up comedian live.  18th October 2017 I went to see Greg Davies live in Sheffield and it 100% made me want to go to more events and just travel a bit more. It was such a great time and opened my eyes a bit to the fact that I don’t need to rely on others to have a good time.

22. Produce my first film. 

23. Write a book. 

24. Learn self-defence. 

25. Take up a hobby that is a physical activity. 

26. Achieve my ideal weight of 9 stone.

27. Pursue my passion!

28. Fly in a hot-air balloon.

29. Go on a gondola. 

30. Dance in the rain/Kiss a person in the rain.

31. Experience both a sunrise and a sunset.

32. Go stargazing.

33. Experience each season of the year in a different country. 

34. Fly first class… at least once. 

35. Meet somebody ‘famous’. 

36. Fall in love. 

37. Perform a front flip. 

38. Visit a castle. 

39. Perform a romantic gesture for another half.

40. Travel to Paris. 

41. Stay awake for 48 straight hours. 

42. Have more self control over going to bed and waking up on time… 6 am start please.

43. Lucid dream!

44. Own a watch over a £100.

45. Sleep under the stars.

46. Go to a movie premiere.

47. Have a kiss on New Year’s. 

48. Visit Time Square.

49. Go Skiing.

50. Read a book in German.

51. Be fluent in a second language.



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