My Week in Snippets (12-02-2018 & 19-02-2018)

Friday 16-02-2018 So oops. I didn’t end up posting the last two weeks Snippets until yesterday and didn’t actually write anything for this one until today. I spent most of my week split between reading and gaming so writing didn’t take much form until I sat down and made myself. I finished reading A Gathering of Shadows last weekend … More My Week in Snippets (12-02-2018 & 19-02-2018)

The Walking Dead Book Series Spoiler Free Review

My first book that I finished in 2018 was Return to Woodbury the eighth, and hopefully, final book in the The Walking Dead series by Jay Bonansinga. I don’t know if that is a good start to the year or bad, I am yet to decide. I began reading the series on 2nd August 2017 with a keen interest in the series. … More The Walking Dead Book Series Spoiler Free Review