A Warm Welcome

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this section which gives you a bit more of an insight into who is writing on the blog. This is Books, Movies and Life, a blog around the growing up of youth and one youth in particulars travel from a teenager into a young adult.

The Blog

On this blog you are likely to find a lot of film reviews, events from a teenage perspective, sleepy drabble and hopefully some writing that you enjoy reading. At least I hope to produce that along the way.

I’ve been blogging for three years now, and have only really got properly into the whole blogging fiasco since the start of 2017 but even so, juggling writing on here and trying to function as a semi-adult is strange as heck… I’m cool because I use heck, if you use heck you too are cool… don’t let them tell you any different either!

The Blogger

My name is Emma, I am 18 and was born in Kent, England. I currently live in Lincolnshire and am still trying to sort my life out… well I guess it hasn’t really started yet has it? Everything I write about is my own personal views, I’m not paid by anybody for this and it’s all for entertainment and the hopes that somebody somewhere enjoys my writing enough to read the next post.

As a person I enjoy music, comfortable beds, headphones, tree kangaroos (seriously look them up, they are the cutest wee animal) and Scottish people while I dislike spiders, feeling tired, eating junk food and overly warm bedrooms.


Final Bits and pieces

A quick note, if you want to see a bit more of me go check out the footer on this blog to see my social media accounts, I’m most active on Instagram – just a heads up. I’d also love to hear more from anyone reading this so go ahead and comment, I really want to hear people’s opinions!

I am a hopeless romantic… well I say that, I am just both romantic and utterly hopeless!


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