Reading Goals – 2018

Last year was the year I threw myself back into my reading, I had previously loved reading but lost that spark somewhere along the way… now it is coming back! Although I do enjoy reading again I am still a terribly slow reader. I read a total of 20 books in total for 2017 which for some if not most people, is rather pitiful. Although I enjoyed the large majority of books I read I’m glad to have finally joined in a bit more with seeing what Screenshot 2018-01-11 12.24.16other people are reading. (I’m scouring the internet for more people to follow on Goodreads right now)


Moving on to this year; I’d like to read 25 but have set my goal as 12 on Goodreads (2 more than my one for 2017). I’m already one down and just started a book I got back in November and never really showed any interest in picking up until I watched a certain Doctor Who episode. This is of course Murder on the Orient Express which I’ll discuss a bit later. Onto the TBR (to-be-read)!

My TBR for 2018


A Darker Shade of Magic series

(A Darker Shade of Magic)
(A Gathering of Shadows)
(A Conjuring of Light)


The Demon Cycle series

(The Painted Man)
(The Daylight War)
(The Skull Throne)
(The Desert Spear)
(The Core)


The Lord of the Rings series

(The Hobbit)
(The Fellowship of The Ring)
(The Two Towers)
(The Return of The King)


Skulduggery Pleasant First Series

(Skulduggery Pleasant)
(Playing with Fire)
(The Faceless Ones)
(Dark Days)
(Mortal Coil)
(Death Bringer)
(Kingdom of the Wicked)
(Last Stand of Dead Men)
(The Dying of the Light)


Murder on the Orient Express
And Then There Were None
The Book Thief


This in total is exactly 25 which was not intended when looking at my bookshelf but these are only books I currently own and haven’t read yet. There are so many books I want to pick up as well this year, most of which are not releases from this year as I’m not really into getting new books unless I am already reading the series or I see a lot of positive reviews on them.

My book New Year resolution is to start reading at least 10 pages each day, which to many is nothing or not much but if I start small I can slowly get used to doing so and then increase the pages per day.

I’m also going to be trying to read two books from a specific author I haven’t read before or am not overly familiar with. I’m going to go with Agatha Christie this year as I just started reading Murder on the Orient Express and I know I want to read And Then There Were None after watching the TV Miniseries and although everybody knows who Agatha Christie is I’ve never read anything by her before.

The book I am most excited to read for this year is A Darker Shade of Magic and that whole series (even though they didn’t come out this year). What book are you most excited to read in 2018?


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