My Week in Snippets (25/12/2017)

Wednesday 27/12/2017

In my defence it was Christmas Day and Boxing day. And I did manage to get my review of The Greatest Showman up yesterday so I’m proud of myself for that…

Saturday 30/12/2017

Okay this week hasn’t gone well when it comes to me writing. It’s been a peculiar week. Last night a few friends from school were home for Christmas from University so we all met up and had a few drinks…

Sunday 21/12/2017

Morning was spent working so my day feels like it’s gone by real fast. So much so that I can’t believe 2017 ends literally in 7 and a half hours, it feels like it hasn’t even started. What even is 2017? I do have a bone to pick though that I meant to write about yesterday but went to bed too early to write about it.

Wednesday 03/01/2018

So oops? It’s 2018! I didn’t post this on Monday because there just wasn’t enough to post and so I thought I’d give it two weeks instead of one. In reality I just forgot to post and have now thought I’d extend it.

In all honesty, I’m trying to get used to my new work rota and as I work at the start of every week it’s been a bit of a learning curve. I should be getting slowly back on track.

The thing is, though the New Year rolled over, it didn’t mean my work stopped. I didn’t really get a break over the last two weeks apart from Christmas day which is a whole new thing for me as being in education for 13 years has meant every single holiday was time off.

Things seem to be passing me by now, Christmas, New Years, friend’s Birthdays and special occasions; they all seem to matter that little bit less.

On a happier note, I got my third tattoo on Saturday which was another great experience… by that I mean I forgot how painful they were and how aggravating it is to not get them wet and to deal with the peeling but also how meaningful they are.

Thursday 04/01/2018

I forgot how great it was to sleep in. I didn’t even realise I was sleeping in, I just woke up at 9 AM and everyone else had gone to work. It was certainly interesting not being at work today at all, especially after 4 days where I was at work for some amount of time throughout each day.

The town I live in is home to roughly around 6,000 people or more and we have one GP to serve those 6,000 or more people. Most of those 6,000 people are also elderly so you can imagine how awful it is to try and get an appointment. A good thing to point out is that we only have 5 doctors and most of the time all of them aren’t here.

Not joking, I got happy I cooked an egg today, that is how low my life has gotten. I was genuinely excited (and wanted to share with others) the fact that I had cooked an egg that was edible and hasn’t yet given me food poisoning.

Friday 05/01/2018

Last night I ended up going to the cinema with the guys so I didn’t end up writing anymore since we got in at gone 11 PM.




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