Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Movie Review Spoiler Free)

If anyone has read my previous Star Wars reviews you will know I am not a big ‘fan’ of Star Wars. Now, before anyone decides to comment I do like the films, I think they are great cinema but I am not a ‘fan’ in the sense of hardcore. I have a friend who is a hardcore fan and knows all of the planets, where the fights took place, where everyone is from and so much stranger nerdier trivia that he’d be great in a Star Wars pub quiz.


That in mind, I sat down to watch this film, having heard only small bits here and there about the film (I was quite amazed that I avoided any spoilers).

The Last Jedi certainly worked to be it’s own film, powdering out the intense and epic fight scenes with humour in the form of Chewbacca, Finn and everybodies new favourite animal, Porgs. Seriously, the part with Chewbacca and the porgs around the camp fire may be my new favourite part in any Star Wars film. I could watch these two creatures interact for a whole 2 hours without boredom setting in.

While watching The Last Jedi when Poe and the rest of the resistance were taking on the dreadnought at the start of the film I had that moment that I’m sure many fans of the series had a long time before I. In that moment it dawned on me why people love this franchise so very dearly. The fight scenes were perfectly executed and in some way made you feel that you were the one helping the Resistance fight the First Order, like you were there flying an X-Wing. (Thankfully we discussed the film on the car ride home otherwise they would have been referred to as rebels, Nazis and planes)


Personally I found Luke to be a tiny bit of a pain in the arse in this film, and I understand why Mark Hamill wasn’t impressed by how Luke was written in this one. All that being said, the ending was epic, the middle was epic and so was the beginning. This whole film was just epic.

But the most epic part?


It has brought Porgs into my life, who are possibly the cutest creatures and the reason why throughout the film I kept ‘awwing’ and whispering under my breath, ‘I want one’ in a similar way to which my friend reacted when seeing the dreadnought.

As with any Star Wars film, they are pretty family friendly epic adventure where I feel even if you haven’t watched the previous instalment you could appreciate the cinema and story unfolding in front of you. For the best experience though, I’d advise watching The Force Awakens beforehand.

Personally The Last Jedi is certainly on par with The Force Awakens, maybe The Force Awakens brought me back into the mega-franchise but The Last Jedi kept me hooked.



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