The Greatest Showman (Spoiler free movie review)

We all have at least one film each year that we see the trailer for and decide immediately on the spot that we will see that film. For me The Greatest Showman was that film. Back in June the first trailer dropped and I remember watching in awe as it appeared as another AD that I was ready to bat back into oblivion as soon as my obligatory 5 seconds of watching was over. Not this time though. After watching the trailer in it’s entirety I added it to my playlist of trailers for upcoming films and moved on.


Finally the film was released in the UK today and with plans to see it on my own I booked a ticket to go and see it last week, but when I informed my parents that I would be spending Boxing Day watching a film in the cinema without them they asked me to book them tickets.

Let’s put it out there, for those that maybe haven’t worked it out yet, this is a musical. No if’s and but’s, it is. With artists like Hugh JackmanZac Efron and Zendaya there was no way it couldn’t be.

I am a sucker for musicals so of course I was going to see this, sit there and love every song and then get back home and add the Soundtrack to my Spotify.

For those that are unsure, this film is about P.T. Barnum, the son of a poor cobbler who wins the heart of his first love and later wife Charity. They proceed to have two children and while struggling along manages to open a museum of unique things (mostly stuffed animals and wax models).

If you are looking for a family film to see 2017 off with a bang go and watch this. Hell large_gs_trailerstill-25_1920x1080_v1_eteven if you are going on your own just go and see it! It’s all about outcasts and not just the ‘quirky’ outcasts of today but those who really were outcasts, dwarfs, giants and bearded ladies all feature and made my heart swell in my chest. Honestly, when This is Me was playing I felt a tingle go through me… not that cliche, spine-tingling feeling but an honest feeling that started in my knees for some odd reason – maybe because I was sat down.

This film somehow managed to make me feel proud of myself and all I’d done is sit there are watch the damn thing!

I cannot fault much in this film, the choreography was sharp, precise and on point in every scene. The scores were memorable, uplifting and executed perfectly with a beautiful mix of typical musical tunes and an underlying note of rock. Also the kid who played young Phineas needs some damn awards already, such an amazing little singer.


While writing this I’ve been listening to the soundtrack and have reached the end, craving more. This will be a film that resonates with me for years to come and so will this damn soundtrack. Seriously, go and listen to The Greatest Show and From Now On and fall in love with how perfect they are.

To conclude, stop reading and book a damn ticket! You can thank me later.


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