My Week in Snippets – 11/12/2017

Monday 11//12/2017

I woke up so damn late today, it was 9:40 and though it could have been later I just felt like I was wasting my day already. The worse bit about it was that I set my alarm for 6:00 am, and I have one of those twin bell alarms so there was no way I was going to be able to ignore that. Instead I simply jumped up, grabbed it and turned it off before going back to sleep! What a dummkopf!

So with the day already starting bad it dawned on me that I had work later on, which just makes everything worse. Bright side is that I have two weeks left of this shift pattern before I start me new permanent one that I’ll be keeping till I leave this job… eventually.

It dawned on me today how expensive University is. All the time I consider going back next year and each time I put it down on the sheer basis of price… and that weird feeling I get in my stomach like it no longer exists. I know I could just take the loan and let that be it, but think about it! I would pay £9,250 for 6 – 10 hours of learning a week… Let me repeat that, 6 – 10 hours a week! That is stupid, fundamentally stupid! If I got 5 hours a day of lectures then I would support that damn price but I wouldn’t, I’d get 2 or 3 at most and then a day off afterwards which seems wildly pricey.

Maybe working has just taught me a lot more about the value of money and that’s why I’m not caving to the masses right now.

Tuesday 12/12/2017

I am now free from work until Saturday, unless I have to be called in to cover a shift but I’m going to hope that doesn’t happen… joking, I need all of the money I can get at this point.

The plan for the day, complete AC 4 and work on the remaining trophies which will probably take a full day for cleanup then it’s on to L.A. Noire or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. I still haven’t decided yet, but I did just realise that I now have every Uncharted game on my PS4 now which is certainly nice.

Wednesday 13/12/2017

Ugghhhhhh! Why am I such an awkward human being! I’ve always had an inability to say the word no to people, it just makes me feel awkward and bad for them and if I ever somehow do say no I will feel bad about it… okay normally that’s because I lie and come up with an excuse instead of just using the words, I don’t want to or just say no and give no other reason for me not wanting to say yes.

I said no to working overtime tonight at my work, and I feel guilty about it… but I shouldn’t really, I’m not contracted to work overtime and I answer every other bloody time but I’m just tired of having to go in at the most inconvenient times. I am not quiet about my dislike of late night shifts and as this was one of them I certainly wasn’t going to do it.

Also, if I’m being real, my job is boring as fuck. I get it, most people think I’m real lucky. I work a few days a week, bring home money and get time at home. But I’d rather have a job I actually enjoyed doing or at least one that had a reasonably normal shift pattern.

I am lucky that I get to live at home, do a job that brings money in and work with decent people but does anyone ever think that when I stepped out of 6th Form I thought I’d be doing this?

Anyway, rant off for the time being. I finally finished Stranger Things 2 yesterday and oh my! That is a damn good show.

Thursday 14/12/2017

But do you know what isn’t a damn good show right now? The Walking Dead Season 8! I’m like 4 episodes in (I thought I should catch up now the midseason finale is over) and it’s so fucking boring! Seriously, every damn episode feels it could have been included in the one before. I noticed while on this fantastic app called TV Time (Let’s you track your television shows and see how many hours you’ve watched of TV) that the lowest rated episode of Stranger Things 2 is 8.5 while the lowest rated in The Walking Dead Season 8 is 4.3 which is a big old leap.

The Walking Dead was a show I used to adore but recently it feels like such a chore to watch it. That’s why I haven’t watched any of Once Upon A Time’s latest season as I just didn’t like the concept. With Gotham I haven’t watched it because I’m lazy, but I have a real craving to watch it right now so I might go ahead and get the first few episodes of the latest season and give it a perusing.

I’m about 60 pages into The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury and oh my, Lilly is aggravating me all over again. We get it, you like Woodbury but that dream is over! Move that hell on! Last book was kind of interesting but I didn’t like the turn they took with the doctor from the new place, like why? Why would that be what you want to do? I’m trying to be spoiler free but still release my frustrations which is surprisingly difficult as I’m sure anyone reading this has no clue what is going on.

What I’m saying is, Lilly Caul is one of the most aggravating characters and yet one that still somehow keeps me reading… not always in a good way though. If anyone has any books written from the ‘sidekicks’ point of view, please share! I need to read about somebody that isn’t the stereotypical perfect human being who somehow knows a bit of everything.

Friday 15/12/2017

So I didn’t think this would be a great end of year but even if it isn’t today had already started off pretty grand. I weighed myself and I’ve lost a pound, thankfully it’s finally starting to go now I’m back on track (or getting there), and I reached my target savings for the end of the year which is yay! Even though some of that will be going to the University I left for board. Are you kidding me? I have to pay you £37.10 when you already nicked my £250 deposit and would have got over £9,000 from me on education alone. The cheek of it!

Sunday 17/12/2017

I didn’t really have much time to write yesterday. Friends were home from University so we were all online chatting and then I had work that night. What I did realise yesterday is that though I do want to live a healthy and generally fit lifestyle, I also want to have fun with friends. You know, staying up late, drinking a bit too much, laughing until we can’t remember what we were laughing about and then remembering and laughing even harder. It’s all about making those moments to laugh at and then reminiscing later on about them.


The last few days of last weekend I didn’t have much time to write, as I mentioned a few friends were home and then I had shopping to do throughout the day and work to focus on so not much time got left for writing. To next week!



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