My Week in Snippets – 04/12/17

Saturday 09/12/17

What a rather uninteresting week. Nothing much to write about really and most of the time the day went by so fast I forgot that I had to write about it.

I’ll reel off what everyday has gone like; wake-up, eat breakfast, play video games till lunch, eat lunch, play video games till dinner, eat dinner, play video games till bed, pass out in bed, then repeat. With no overtime to keep me busy I’ve been keeping myself busy with video games and not getting dressed until lunch. Not exactly productive.

Last night was the worst in terms of productivity as it was my mother’s Christmas work-do which left me and dad with a choice, cook for ourselves our get a takeaway.  I would have been fine to cook but dad wanted takeaway and I just hadn’t had a pizza in a few months so takeaway it was.

One whole pizza and 5 ciders later and it was gone midnight, my brain sleepy and fed-up with having to be in my body. I’m surprised I didn’t wake up a lot worse this morning. I mostly felt groggy but no headache or vomit has ensued just yet… there is work later though so we’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of work, have I mentioned how I detest working at night? No then let me rant! The worst part about working late by far is that it just ruins any plans. I’d rather be up at 4 am and back home by lunch time than have to leave at dinner time and get in at just shy of midnight. I get everything done at night, exercise, reading and anything I want to do online – it’s the time a youngster flies but working on a Saturday night ruins any chance of flight. It clips my metaphorical wings and tells me to get abused by drunks instead of sleeping. Yippee!

Even after last night I yearn to live a clean, healthy life but even as I write this I am sat in a dark room, hunched over my laptop, listening to music far too loud in my pyjamas…

It’s about 20 minutes after my last comment and I decided to get up and run my hair under the sink… I know that sounds like an odd way to salvage a day but, having short hair means that I get bed hair and as I felt like crap this morning the bed hair stayed until I finally decided to do something about it. So a quick freshen up and blow-dry later and the day feels salvageable, like maybe I could end it feeling half impressed with myself.

The problem with a bad day or even a not-so-great one is that as soon as it starts to go like that, we just allow it to happen and don’t make any attempt to pull it into a decent day. I am 100% at fault for this just like everybody else.

To get off of the more serious side, I’ve just listened to another song from The Greatest Showman and I am so pumped! I really want to go and see this now, I may book tickets when they come online to see it the day it comes out. I’m not at work and if the busses are running then so am I! Well… I’m actually not because I’ll be catching the bus but you get what I mean.

Sunday 10/12/17

I haven’t started a Sunday quite like I did this one. Didn’t get to sleep until half past 1, or at least that’s the last time I checked the clock, only to be woken at 5 by the rest of the house trumpeting around with insomnia. After a few hours of twisting and turning, playing a level of AC 4, and listening to music I decided a walk would be the best way to start my day off.


So today is Monday of the next week. So I didn’t do great at writing this week, as I said it was mostly a boring, repetitive week and I didn’t add anything to yesterday’s entry as I drank too much to remember. My day mostly consisted of watching a film, 10 Cloverfield Lane (A film I didn’t want to watch in the first place and turned out to be wildly disappointing on the whole). Anyway, I’ll upload this finally and get to working on today’s writing. Peace, and thank you for reading!


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