My Week in Snippets – 20/11/2017

Monday – 20/11/2017

So I just remembered to post up last weeks Snippets… an hour before work but oh well. That’s right it’s another work day, fantastic. But I did go and see the new Thor yesterday and that was a blast (hopefully if I can adult correctly my review of it will be up before this comes out).

Yesterday I spent so much time in Waterstones I think the staff thought I was badly casing the joint. No staff of Waterstones, I’m just not very decisive okay!

Wednesday – 22/11/2017

I have just spent the last 2 hours rummaging through the internet, surfing articles all about whether to buy a Kindle or not. It’s driving me insane, I so want to as I have officially run out of space on my book shelf that is really more of a film shelf with books at the bottom but all the same! I don’t even know if it would really be cost effective, if it would make me read more, ahh it’s such a stupid thing to be tearing your hair out over but I am 100% tearing my hair out.

In all reality this comes down to me needing to find something to fill my days with. For the past 3 years that has been video games and school. One I no longer attend and the other I am trying to quit as it is an expensive habit. I have asked for a keyboard for Christmas in the hopes of me falling in love with playing piano as I have the sound of one. Even with this, I need something more. Something to fill my time up with, I’m hoping if I do this correctly it could be reading.

One thing for sure that having a Kindle would cut out would be the need to buy a book with a certain cover because I don’t like the look of a cheaper version… this has happened a worryingly large amount of times now. I might write up something on this on a post dedicated to see if anyone could give me some advice.

Saturday – 25/11/2017

I’ve found it much harder to write this week, what with working overtime and Black Friday I’ve been trying to enjoy the time I do have at home. Definitely can’t lie, I’ve also been playing a few more video games… it was Black Friday and the deals were good, what do you expect?

On a more serious note though, I have learnt a bit more about ‘adult’ life this week. More than I bargained for if I’m honest. First I found out that my opticians, the infamous Specsavers, wanted to charge me £5 to pick up a prescription they failed to give me. So on principal I said “Screw it!” and booked an appointment at my more local opticians but as I found out, being out of education means things get expensive. Like £23 for an eye test expensive.

That appointment quickly got cancelled.

I know we say this all the time, but school really doesn’t teach you jack-shit! Though I did 6 months of textiles, I never learnt how to sew up a hole in my clothing or how to read the signs for washing.

Sunday – 26/11/2017

Hey it’s Sunday, my possible favourite day of the week. No I’m not a Christian, it’s just the day that me and my parents have dedicated to watching a film together and having a drink as a family.

Since picking up COD: WW2 I haven’t been doing much else. It’s such a good game, possibly my favourite COD in years. Of course it did draw a lot of inspiration from Battlefield 1… a lot of inspiration but I think that’s why I enjoy it.

Speaking of drawing inspiration, there’s one thing I hate… sheep! Not the actual animal but the people. You know them, the one’s who just follow others because they have no ideas or thoughts of their own. Well I’ve got a friend who is an exact, perfect sheep and he does my head in. I don’t particularly like being followed, no matter how often I may say I like to lead people, I don’t like being copied.

It’s great to be inspired by people, but to do things because you think that will impress them or an attempt to be more like them is incredibly unappealing. Be yourself, find what you like to do because you like it, not because you think it’s what other people want.


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