Thor: Ragnarok (Spoiler Free Movie Review)

I haven’t been to see a film at the cinema in what feels like an age… it was probably only in the summer gone by but it felt like last year at the least.

With that in mind I knew I wanted to see another film in cinema before the year was out but with this one I was unsure whether I was going to go and see it or just wait for it to become available for home watching. I went to see Thor: The Dark World in cinema (and wrote a review of it on here) but went with a friend to see it… all of my current friends are at University and I was stuck on whether I’d make the trip alone.

Eventually, on a Tom Hiddleston fuelled whim, I booked a ticket and searched up some bus times in the hopes I could get there on time. As you are seeing this review, I in fact did get there on time.


Anyway, the film! I’d heard a lot about it being quite different to the previous two installations to the series and that it was more humour based. People weren’t wrong, it was a really funny film filled with little dynamites of humour that I silently chuckled at (didn’t want to draw attention to myself) as there wasn’t many people there really.

I found the film funny but I do wish I hadn’t watched the trailers. From watching the trailers I had a good idea of the scenes in the gladiator pit which I may have preferred to watch without much knowledge of what was coming up. Thankfully, though there was a lot of humour shown in the trailers there was so much more held back from them.

Though I’d seen the trailers I didn’t really know much of what the film was actually about so I had that element of surprise in store when I got to sit down and watch it. For those unsure of the film’s basis this time, we see more Thor, more Loki, more Asgard,maxresdefault more Heimdall and a whole load of Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster. We also meet Hela for the first time, a character which I had no clue who the hell she was… get it? I’ll leave the jokes out and let Thor: Ragnarok take that wheel as you are sure to find something funny in this little goldmine of a film.

The acting was fantastic as ever from every party in the film, all the ‘explody’ scenes went ‘explody’ well and all of the emotional scenes put the emotion into you at just the correct level. Somewhere between small sniffle and tropical storm of tears.

As ever, if you are going to see this film, as it is a Marvel film be sure to sit around after the credits for the extra scene.


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