My Week in Snippets

Week 13/11/2017

Monday – 13/11/2017

Work day, fun day, right? Not when you hate your job it isn’t. Didn’t get in until 11:15 PM so that’s great but the game I ordered came so that’s something for tomorrow and I had the chance to look at getting some new glasses online. Screw you Specsavers and your stupidly priced glasses, I’ll use you for prescriptions and get better glasses for cheaper off of the internet. Seriously though if you are a glasses wearer go and have a gander at Glasses Direct, affordable glasses that look good.

Tuesday – 14/11/2017

The morning after work is always a bit of a bombshell, like my body just doesn’t know what to do with itself. But after a bit of deliberation in bed I finally threw myself out and got some breakfast to start the morning off. Currently still perusing Glasses Direct to get some new specs. For the past 2 years I’ve wanted to get some prescription sunglasses and never had the money or effort to make it happen… that changes now! Or this Friday when it’s payday.

I’m considering booking tickets to go and see Thor: Ragnarok at the weekend if a parent can drop me off… yes I know how to drive – a motorbike – but I just don’t have one as of yet so parent transportation is still a must. Another film on my radar is The Greatest Showman which is coming out in December and looks phenomenal already. I’m a sucker for a musical. Maybe I’ll have a more film centred November and December.

To ensure I can see the film I’ve just booked the ticket and decided to go on the bus that way I can spend some time wandering the town for a bit… I literally mean wandering the town, not clubbing, just pointing that out.This’ll be the first film I go to see on my own which is weirdly something I’ve wanted to experience… is that odd?

Wednesday – 15/11/2017

Wow! What a day already and it’s only 2:40. On a post that will go up tomorrow I’ve talked about what happened today and that is the possibility of me moving out of my parents in under a years time. A friend of mine at University is looking for a roommate for next year and I thought… fuck it? Seriously fuck it, I’ve been friends with this person for 3 years now, know them marginally well and can get on with them for extended periods of time. He’s trustworthy, I am too and the we both understand each other so in my mind not much could go wrong.

Okay, I take that back. A lot of things could go wrong, I don’t know the first thing about being an adult, owning property or even how to book a viewing for a property. There are in fact very few things I know about life after full-time education and sadly I have gotten a rather rude awakening to that a lot earlier than I expected to.

I just realised I’m going to have to book a moving van – I have so much shit in my little bubble of a room.

Next Friday is Black Friday, a holiday I only learnt about last year and had otherwise let pass over my head. Now I find myself trawling through Amazon’s daily deals and lightning deals, restraining myself against all of the apparent ‘bargains’ in front of my eyes. I will be making one purchase this Black Friday however. My plan is to buy myself a DSLR camera, as a kind of treat yourself/you need this deal. The thought process behind this is that if I want to do anything in the film industry I’m going to have to start filming things and becoming real familiar with cameras again… that’s the excuse I’m using anyway.

Friday – 17/11/2017

So I didn’t write anything yesterday. Nothing much happened really, just finished the book I was reading, got a preview of my payslip (shit) and looked at cute videos of Golden Retrievers… so any video of a Golden Retriever.

But over yesterday and today I’ve been playing Lego Jurassic World. Did I forget to mention that my soft spot is Lego games? No, well it is and this game is fantastic! Thouroughly enjoying it so far but that didn’t manage to stop me from ordering another game. Upon hearing this knowledge Mafia 3The Witcher 3Outlast 2 and Skyrim all groaned as they came to the realisation that they would not be completed this year.

I’m rather impulsive when it comes to just about any type of shopping but especially video games and what didn’t help this is that Amazon sent me a code for £10 off my order if it was over £50. With that knowledge I trawled my GoodReads want-to-buy list and picked out a few books as well as L.A. Noire ‘remaster’ for PS4. I know it’s supposed to be really no different to the PS3 edition but I never played the PS3 edition and I’m a sucker for 1940’s style games so this one was a pick up for sure.

Saturday – 18/11/2017

I have work tonight… in approximately 3 hours time from now… Emma is not happy. It’s not even the length of the hours, if my job was just busier to make the time go faster, I enjoyed it even a shred and if the hours I did were in the morning I wouldn’t give a damn. My whole day just becomes stunted because I can’t do anything that may take an undetermined amount of time as I could have to drop it and get ready for work.

Now I see why I wanted to go to University, just buy some more fucking time to get everything together.

And! Another big one is that I leave work at 11:10 so by the time I’ve got in and had a bath I’m almost pressing midnight and then my sleep is like a paper plane with rocks sown into the bottom – nonfunctional! As I’m going to go see the new Thor tomorrow and have to be up to catch a bus I have to actually wake up before 9 am which makes the whole staying up late thing kind of crappy.

To add onto everything, yesterday my old University decided to try and make it my fault that I hadn’t paid for the 2 nights of staying when they hadn’t sent me an invoice for it. How am I supposed to pay when I don’t know how much I have to pay?

Their excuse? They sent it to my University email address! Like why? Literally why would you do the most illogical thing? If I just left your University, why in hell would I use your damn email?


(Written from Monday as I was with family last night) Thanks for reading, I’ll look at doing this every week, maybe I’ll actually get used to posting more regularly this way.


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