First Tattoos

I’ve wanted tattoos for a while, like most people I would imagine, I observed other people get them and always thought they were the epitome of cool. You can’t really help but think they are cool when you see others with them, especially when they look so well done and presented.

Though I wanted one for a while I was nervous as I didn’t know for sure what I wanted and it daunted me that something was going to be permanently inked on me. I was worried in another sense. It’s difficult to explain really but I have an odd sense where I like things to be as they always were or I like to have an original version of something. For example when I buy a certain shirt, say a shirt from a TV show, I will keep the labels for that shirt and just tuck them into a drawer as I don’t want to get rid of them. Of course in a few years time I find them and simply throw them in the bin wondering why I ever kept them but at the time the idea of throwing them away makes my skin itch a bit.

Maybe it’s something to do with collecting everything and the need to have everything when it is brand new or in it’s original state.

I kind of overcame this little niggle and took the plunge. By overcome it I mean that I worried for weeks that it would affect my chances of getting a job and my brain was plagued with thoughts of my skin never being the same but had already put down a deposit and was going for it whatever happened now.

Because of this plunge one tattoo I’d always wanted to get now sits inked on my left arm and another one which I didn’t know I wanted till the week before my session and which had me sending quick messages to my tattoo artist asking if there is any time for this relatively small tattoo. The answer was yes and that is now on my right arm. The tattoos in question are relatively personal, which I often find people choose tattoos for. Sure you get the ones where people just go into the shop and pull a perfect Andy from Little Britain impression… if you aren’t British, he says ‘I want that one!’ and then wishes he’d chosen the other option afterwards.

The first tattoo is pictured below and is the words Sic Parvis Magna written inside a compass with dates written around the words. Sic Parvis Magna is Latin and the literal translation is Thus little great but the phrase means From small things come great things which is generally taken to mean Greatness from small beginnings in modern day. I often just say the latter if anyone asks what it means. For those of you wondering it is the motto of Sir Francis Drake who is one of the reasons I enjoy history as much as I do and he and the motto featured in my favourite video game series of all time, Uncharted.


The second is incredibly personal and something I never thought I’d have inked on my skin but in a certain way it was so perfect that I had to have it. Our first family dog passed away 3 1/2 years ago now. When I was a lot younger, I still don’t quite remember how this happened but he gave me a scar on my right wrist and since then it has slowly faded to a white line.

I always wanted to have it with me forever.

Around that scar I had his name Dexter and a paw print tattooed to hopefully honour him and maybe allow me to feel that he is now always with me wherever I go throughout life.


In all honesty they hurt less than I expected but still enough to make me flinch a bit when I first experienced it. I had my arm tattooed first and I thought that was painful but totally bearable but then I had my wrist tattooed…. I can’t really explain that pain, the fact that it was a small tattoo helped but as you can tell in the above photo, it was above bone and veins and wow that was painful. I was clenching my other fist to make sure I stayed as still as possible for Matt my tattoo artist.

I certainly don’t think pain should be a reason not to get a tattoo as yes it will hurt for the while it is getting done but afterwards you are left with a beautiful reminder of the things you love in life. In an odd way you look at them and are proud of yourself. It’s a good reminder that all pain passes in time.

A few last words if you are looking to get a tattoo for the first time. In no way am I an expert but do your research, look at different styles, bring some food and water with you to your appointment, wear loose clothing and get some moisturiser and tattoo goo ready for the after process.



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