The Walking Dead Book Series by Jay Bonansinga (Review)

We’ve watched the show, we’ve read the comics, we’ve played the Telltale games and now we read the books. Now the books are… different to what we maybe used to. They aren’t by any stretch of a mile my favourite series or even my favourite books I’ve read this year but having said that they are still an entertaining read.813qasfvbwl

You can just drink away at the fictional universe of The Walking Dead from the perspective of The Governor and Lilly Caul. It is in every way an easy read that you can pick up whenever you feel like it and read some more and then go back to whatever else you want to read. I never feel like there is pressure to get through it quickly.

So far this summer/autumn I have read up until the Fall of The Governor Part 2 and still have another 3 books to read that I have in person and one left to purchase that came out earlier this month. Of course, with a series like this you are always going to be buying more books, every year or so you’ll pick up another two books that are around two to three hundred pages. As said, they are an easy read.

The first book, The Rise of The Governor, follows Phillip Blake and his brother Brian, their friends Nick and Bobby and Phillip’s daughter Penny as they travel across Georgia at the very start of the zombie apocalypse. I found this first book in the series to be incredibly interesting, as I pleasantly enjoyed how they adapted to the outbreak and how relationships altered as the book came to an end. I also grew to know a bit more about the characters I liked so much from the show which I would never have known from just watching the show. In the books we get to see them from the very beginning and see how and why they grow to be the characters we see so much of in the show.

Lilly_and_Brian_Blake,_1Sadly as the books go on I find myself a bit less in love with them, Lilly is a fairly troubled character with many faults that make her annoying in parts but all together she is not the worst protagonist to read about. She takes on as the main element in the story from the second book on-wards and from what I can tell, is there until at least the very latest instalment.

Though the show does a wonderful job of bringing the world to life the books and comics show a lot more detail and viewpoints that we don’t get to see in the show. One being, Rick and his rag-tag group of survivors as villains. They have always been the protagonists in the show while in the books we are seeing things from the Woodbury residents point of view which means they are the evil people trying to mutilate them, ruin their way of life and just generally make everything unpleasant for them.

Of course this can make it frustrating if you know the other of the story but it is interesting to see how Lilly and the people of Woodbury feel towards the outside world, especially the prison residents.

I’d advise picking up the series if you just want a zombie read, more knowledge of the Walking Dead universe or just want a relatively easy read to pass the time between seasons. Warning though, there are some strong scenes that go into particularly strong detail about rape and torture scenes so be warned.



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