Online Dating

Last year a study showed that 15% of Americans had used online dating sites and those numbers, I imagine, have only risen in the last year.

It’s so easy isn’t it? Online dating? Swipe left, swipe right, like here, message there, wink at you and skip you. Never has it been easier to just… look at people, maybe even have a conversation with a few of them.

And in this new online dating world it is so easy to mess it all up, message back a day too late and the person you thought you were getting on so well with will up and go without a message more… life has to halt when you online date! You must be willing to reply as soon as the message is sent, as there is no time for apologies or a quick ‘I missed you’ – no emotion! No liking, no love, no missing and certainly no talk of serious! We all know what we are on here for but no! No one must actually say it to a potential date, keep your darn emotions to yourself you savages!

It’s worse when you realise how crappy online dating really is and then you find out you can’t seem to kick the darn thing! It’s just too easy! You don’t have to really put much effort into the whole thing, there is no commitment, no person to bump into at work, no awkward questions to dodge in person – you just have to block them or stop replying, not even a proper reason has to be provided, just ignore and move on.

You can’t really show off who you are in the online dating scene, as it’s hard to get across meaning over messages and when you are confronted with someone who thinks the best way to start a conversation is to just say ‘Hey, how are you?’ it’s never going to end well. Like seriously, who the hell would go up to someone normally and just ask them ‘How are you?’ you’d think of something to comment on, a chat-up line, an odd question to ask to make you stand out.

But online it is a cold irony cake, filled with those writing in there bios ‘Don’t just say hey’ but all the same they drop nothing more than ‘Hey’… what in the fuck can I do with a ‘Hey’?!

Online dating is merely a cesspool of people wanting hook-ups, one night stands and those that seem trustworthy but at the same time like they have 7 other people to talk to at the same time.

Complex and filled with mixed signals – Online dating in under ten words


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