Panic! At The Disco – Always (BTEC Media)

I was toying for a while on whether to upload this, in fact I was toying with the idea for a whole month and a half before today I realised something… I won’t get anywhere if I fear people’s comments and criticisms. So I’ve taken the plunge and uploaded my music video for Panic! At The Disco’s Always, one of my favourite songs of theirs. Below is a link to the video and below that is a bit more on how I made the video. I hope you take the time to watch the video, even if you skip to the middle or the end, any time taken is appreciated.

I knew that I was going to do a music video for this song ever since I found out I had to make a video for my end of year assignment and I’d had an idea for this song for years. Turns out my actual idea didn’t work out as planned, it would have taken a lot longer, a lot more skill than I had available and it wouldn’t have looked all too good so instead I changed it up to the idea above.

The whole shooting process took me two weeks with the majority of the filming happening over three days and then another 3 days of editing and I had a finished music video. I shot something like 1,200 images while shooting the video and it was marvellous. I spent a ridiculous amount of time in post-production, editing every single shot in a sequence to get ride of stray limbs and Blu-tack, staring at the playback and wondering what it was missing… it was all around fun! (Actually no sarcasm here)

The story behind the video is that it’s about a wooden art mannequin that comes to life and goes across the classroom to hunt down his other half. At the start of the video, one of his very first acts is to take off his crown, which shows him leaving his duties behind to find his partner. The video fades into colour from black and white when he sees them and when he realises he cannot be with them everything fades back into black and white. He puts the crown on at the end of the piece to show that he would rather be confined to his duties with his partner than go off and explore without them.

He was chased by a clock throughout the piece because of the line ‘it was always time, calling for me’ that is repeated in the song and here the clock acts as his kind of warden, trying to keep him in check and pull him back to his job.

Anyway, I hope those of you that read the extra parts about the video enjoyed what I had to write about it, of course there was a bit more behind it but I didn’t want to bore anyone with it. Thank you for reading.


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