Precious Childhood Possessions

We all have possessions that we’ve held onto for a long time, some of them are old, some of them broken, some of them make no sense to other people and some of them don’t really make sense to us but there are always memories to go with theses possessions.

Personally I keep quite a few of the possessions from my childhood, I’m a bit of a hoarder in some respect and I have that constant fight with myself on what to get rid of and what gets to stay. It’s a tireless battle that normally just ends up with the older objects getting replaced with newer objects that will get hoarded.

Teddy bear #1 – First up is a teddy bear20170707_152634 I have owned since I was a year old called Mr Beanz (the ‘z’ was added later by an older me who understood the importance of making things cool by adding ‘z’s). Now there is a story behind this old bear. When I was in Mexico with my parents at a year old I had this bear with me, and we went into a touristy type shop owned by a friendly Mexican guy. While speaking with my parents he noticed I had a teddy bear and asked his name. My dad said he wasn’t named but he was a bear with little plastic balls in his feet. At this the shop clerk began to say, “Ahh he is named Mr Beans.” And that name has stuck ever since. So thank you Mexican shop clerk!

Teddy bear #2 – Teddy bear numero dos is one called Orlando who I got from Orlando, Florida when I was 8 years old. He is from the build-a-bear workshop and has held special, fond memories of that place since I picked him up a decade ago. He stays in a closet while all of the others bears purchased from the English version of that store have been sold on and shipped out. He’ll be making the stay though.

Plasticine crowns – These aren’t technically childhood possessions, but they are ones that I intend to keep for the rest of my life. As part of the end of my course I had to make a music video and for mine I used made Plasticine crowns and they featured in the video and were symbolic. As I couldn’t keep the wooden mannequins I used since they belonged to the art department I thought I’d take these home with me and keep them as a nod to my first venture into filming.20170707_152757

Ties – Throughout my secondary school and 6th form life I have accumulated a small collection of ties from my schools first colours, to the new tie we got when the school turned into an academy, to my tie I received upon being made a prefect and finally ending with my 6th form tie. I keep these ties as a reminder of how fast things have flown by and how I remember my first day so clearly. In no time I’ll be wearing ties that aren’t just blue and grey but these I will always hold a reminder of the pen ink spilled down them, the energy drinks chucked on them and the amount of times they got ‘peanuted’… if that awful invention didn’t reach your school you were lucky!

20170707_152705My first American dollar – When I went to Florida at the age of 8 I came home with much less money than I had gone there with. The majority of what I did bring home however got turned back into the English pound but one dollar and a couple of cents have stayed with me since, in a small tin I keep hidden away in a closet. I like to call it my secret tin of Americanism. I keep this as a reminder of my first time there and how magical it was for me.

What are some of your possessions you’ve kept onto? Is there a story behind them? Thank you for reading… yes, to answer your question, Mr Beanz will be making the trip to University with me.




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