7 Years of Education

Today, June 22nd 2017, was my last official day in full time education. Today was the day that the paperwork got signed, the assignments got double and triple-checked and where I received my end of course grades. I achieved D*D* in Media and again a D*D* in IT. By this grading you have probably worked out that I studied a BTEC Diploma, and there was actually a wide array of reasons as to why I chose to study a BTEC in the first place.

Most people that study BTEC choose toexam because they dislike exams but that wasn’t true for myself, in fact I had no quarrel with exams apart from hating to study for them. Of course this has now changed as BTEC’s now come with exams, and although I don’t mind exams I am glad I dodged that awful exam paper-like bullet. Especially after witnessing two of my friends sitting their A-Level exams and witnessing the immense stress they were under, I’m glad I passed.

While in secondary school I took a certain interest in IT and it seemed the next logical step to carry on studying the subject at 6th Form. Originally I intended to only study IT but IT and Media came as a package deal so I just ended up doing them both. Who would of thought 2 years later I would be going to University to study a Media course and not an IT. Well certainly not me.

I always said that if I hadn’t done IT and Media I would have taken up A-Levels and completed an A-Level in History as I love the subject and it was one of my best subjects at GCSE. I’m always eager to learn about history even if I didn’t take it as an A-Level, it is rather a fascinating subject. I don’t know what I would of had accompanying this A-Level, maybe a BTEC or A-Level in Geography but this surely would have sent me down a very different career path.

It is odd to think that I won’t be going back to that school again, I won’t be stepping through those doors, dreading an exam, studying in the Study Centre or skulking around the common room waiting for lunch to start. Instead I’ll be doing all those things just in a different educational learning location… and I won’t be forced to be there, that bit really will be nice.

Though I am pleased with my time at school, both in and out of 6th Form, I am so glad to be leaving it behind. I’ve dedicated 7 years of my life to that school, which is scary to say the least, and at the start of those 7 years I never would have thought it would have gone by as fast as it had. I can still remember relatively clearly 11 year old Emma sitting in the back of 6ICT1 with her best friend at the time and being disappointed at the fact that they weren’t in the same school house. Mine was Balmoral and her’s was Buckingham… not that it ended up mattering at all.


I remember that same year, collecting my bag from outside of the lunch hall as the big kids were lining up to get food. I had to pass through those kids for my bag and one of them said, “Alright Harry Potter.” this was of course a crude reference to my glasses and I now see that it was meant to mock me, not that young me thought that, I remember smiling at myself and feeling pleased.

My name was mocked in English as a ‘smart’ fellow Year 7 was handing out our books and said “Huh, Emma Horton” though he didn’t say it like that, he said it “Huh, Emma Whoreton”… how clever!

I was asked my gender by some boys in the year above me, those same boys I would meet again in 6th form and would be in the year above me once again and studying the same subject as me. My gender was questioned because of my voice, which is not conventional in anyway, and it is because of that event that my voice is the thing I hate about myself the most… I’m trying to deal with that though.

I’ve listed a few negative experiences from school, trust me there are more but there are some good ones too… okay maybe those are harder to recollect but I’m sure there are some. At the very least I’ve worked out a bit more who I don’t want to be and I’ve learnt some valuable lessons there, like don’t become a teacher as kids are arseholes. Simple.

Over my time in education my aspirations have changed drastically and dramatically, I’ve wanted to be just about everything under the sun! From Police officer to Guitarist, from Comedian to Teacher, from Programmer to Actress. I’ve wanted to be a lot of different things and if I went back and told my Year 7 self what I’d end up actually studying they’d probably laugh.

From nervous pubescent teen, to moody full-time teenager and finally to sort of functional young adult. It’s been a journey but the best part of it all is that it’s literally only just started! How fantastic.




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