One Love Manchester

This is my view for the night, and it will be 20170604_192026until 10pm tonight when the concert ends. Of course I am watching the coverage of One Love Manchester which is a live coverage to benefit those that have been affected by the Manchester bombing attack which took place on the 22nd of May 2017. Earlier today, 4 June 2017, London was attacked with 7 people currently dead and over 40 having been injured.

I am 18 years old and over recent years I haven’t had much of a reason to be proud to be British with Brexit and political stances happening but tonight… well tonight I have never been more proud to be British as I see almost 50,000 people turning out at Old Trafford Cricketing ground to celebrate the lives of those lost and prove that we are only more determined to knit together as a nation, with musical artists from all over the world joining them.

I’ll sit here and write this until the night is over, so I guess for 3 hours I’ll cover this and write all of those feelings down that I’ve experienced over the course of 2017 in relation to these attacks.

For those that don’t know which I doubt any of those reading this will, my political alignment is to the Labour party and I doubt I will ever, ever vote for a party such as UKIP. I can never see myself supporting views that are so racist, so bigoted and arrogant as to believe are problems as a country stem from foreign cultures and spreading them to our country. The only way this world can grow is by accepting others, spreading their cultures and love around and understanding that the only way to live harmoniously is to accept people from every walk of life, every location and every background. Until that happens we will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Okay, they just started performing Happy… I’m so sad right now, this is one of those songs I fucking detest along with Gangnam Style… but I understand why they are performing it tonight, it makes people feel (as the title suggests) happy so I’ll put my cynical attitude to this song to the side for tonight.

Brilliant commentary right there,20170604_192928 “These attacks are meant to push us apart but all they do is bring us closer together” which this event has proven. However hard people may try, countries will always come together when it matters most – when we are pressed against an evil that wishes to tear us apart and crush us down.

As I live in Lincolnshire, it’s a very Conservative area so I see many signs trying to support the local Conservative MP, I’ve seen countless of Conservative signs, 1 Lib Dem, no Labour and 1 UKIP but this UKIP sign was nothing but the words UKIP spray-painted onto the side of a beat-up and dingy caravan which I feel has never summed up a political party more.

The camera flashed to a young girl crying while listening to Miley Cyrus singing Inspired and I am real with that girl man, I’m here getting all emotional as well as people come on singing wonderful songs and preaching together that this life cannot and will not be stopped.

This is our message to anyone who wishes to hurt us, crush our spirit and damage us. We are a nation of strong, wonderful human beings that come together when it’s needed. You can’t beat us, you’ll never be able to because we will win, we will fight for those that are no longer with us.

We aren’t doing this for us anymore, we are doing this for them – to avenge their innocent deaths. They didn’t deserve to leave us, so many of those lost hadn’t even begun.

So this is an update from the morning after the celebrations. I did mean to post this after the concert ended last night but I ended up joining my parents who were watching it downstairs where I then consumed alcohol and any chance of me writing went out of the window. All I wanted to do was hunt down cereal… the drunk wants what the drunk wants right?

Anyway, the concert that Ariana Grande organised in little over a week was awfully emotional and props to the girl for arranging that. It was obviously a very emotional night for her in particular but she performed beautifully as did everybody who performed that night.

I hope you all enjoyed watching the celebrations and I hope it proved that we are a nation of strong people.20170604_192937(0)



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