18th Birthday Celebrations

I am officially an adult… at least my age qual20170511_181235ifies this, maybe not the life experience but I can legally buy a pint of beer so I’m adult enough for now. On May 11th, I awoke at 6am to the daunting feeling of being a year older and the relief of it all. The realisation that I was 18 meant that I was that much closer to going to University and leaving my secondary school behind for good… hopefully, i’d dread to come back to this place after 7 years of being here.

Of course I was looking forward to seeing my friends and so I bound into school, proudly puffing out my chest to show the shiny 18 badge that sat pinned to on side of my blazer. Joking, I actually tried to hide that as much as possible after the first few people I didn’t know in the lower school started saying “Happy Birthday” to me. I was quite embarrassed. Anyway, my day went smoothly as I’m dawning the end of my course so it meant I was filming for the majority of the day and then editing the footage for the last few hours of my day.

Later that night my parents and I were heading out to an Indian restaurant twenty minutes away from our house which meant we all looked rather smart and presentable for the evening. As we arrived quite early and the table wasn’t ready we found ourselves heading down to a pub by the waterfront and after a brief moment of panic I found myself buying my first round of drinks in a pub… the bloke behind the bar didn’t even ask for any ID – I was oddly upset at this fact, I was looking forward to proudly showing off my provisional where it would confirm that I was 18.

After our drink in the pub we hurried off down the road back to the Indian and began ordering our food for the night. It was superb, the service was fantastic and I don’t think I picked up my phone once out of boredom, only to take photos of my family and some of the wonderful food that was served to us. It was nice to have family time and made me realise how much I missed it sometimes especially as I am leaving home for University in less than 4 months time.

T20170511_195637he food was great, we all drank a lot and we laughed a lot throughout the night, it really was rather brilliant when all said and done.

I don’t remember much of the latter half of the night, I drank far too much but I do remember eating birthday cake and singing happy birthday to myself along with the rest of the restaurant… how great, I’m glad my drunk self had a good time!

On Friday, the day after, it was apparent that I had fucked up. I called in sick for my half day of sixth form and sat on the sofa in my pyjamas and duvet, nursing an awful stomach ache and throwing up twice before lunchtime. Possibly my worst experience with alcohol to date and has left my appetite for the stuff at the door, literally if someone were to ask me if I wanted to drink a beer for £100 I’d probably give them hundreds of little paper cuts with said £100 and then cry in a corner.

I feel like I had a memorable 18th birthday, no I didn’t have a party with my friends and I didn’t in fact want one either – spending some quality time with my family was all I wanted out of that evening and I did.

A note to anyone younger reading this that was like me 20170511_181327when I was younger… you will grow up fast enough, you don’t have to wish it to come along any faster! Trust me, I remember sitting in my form room on the first day of Year Seven and being upset because me and my best friend at the time weren’t in the same school house. And now I’ve finished filming my first production and am preparing to go to University in Newcastle and that day in Year Seven was now 7 years ago.

From one 18 year old to those reading this, I hope you have had a great day and even if it hasn’t been great I hope you can find one thing that has happened that brings a smile to your face.

Thank you for reading!


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