1 Year as a Pescatarian

Today is my 1 year anniversary of being a pescatarian and I have loved it! Being a pescatarian has helped me so much, it’s aided me in my weight loss, I feel healthier every day and I’ve really learnt to appreciate fish more – it really is pretty darn good for you.

So what was my ‘reasoning’ for becoming a pescatarian. fishWell there are three main reasons, the main one being quite frankly that I was bored and thought “Let’s see if I can”, celebrities I look up to in life follow similar diets and make good points about following them and I don’t agree with the cruelty that goes into eating animals. I know, everyone always says ‘Well why are you eating fish?’… because I want to! Simple as, I don’t feel like I really need a reason to want to be a pescatarian. I really did you want to.

Of course, I’ve loved being a pescatarian and I celebrated my first Christmas as one which was my first year not eating Turkey or Chicken at that time of year so it was definitely different. I do see myself being a pescatarian for quite some time but there is one thing that bugs me about the lifestyle but I think I’d feel this way with any change in my dietary life and that is the fact that when I am invited to someone’s house or out to restaurant or such establishment I have to pipe up that I cannot eat certain foods. This always makes dinner time at someone else’s house a bit hectic and always leaves me feeling bad but there isn’t much I can or want to do about it.

I know that sounds a bit bad and I do hate feeling like I am making people make something different for dinner just for me but at the end of the day this is what I’ve chosen and I really wouldn’t change it just to make it easier for someone to cook for me, I’d rather just not eat and get something at home later on in the night. 42d414cdb5c58557db60092e9bed3c13

As said before, I’ve loved my experience with being a pescatarian and I would advice people to take up the opportunity to eat this way even if for a short period of time. It’s a great way to wean yourself off eating meat if you want to become a vegetarian in the future.

So cheers for 1 year of being a pescatarian and here’s to another one, I feel it may be more of a challenge at University but I’m all up for challenges.


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