Weekend Bike Ride

Ever since watching 13 Reasons Why, I’ve wanted to go out for a bike ride. What got me so interested was because in the show the main character Clay is always riding around on his bike, being active and all that jazz and it just looked so lovely that I wanted to go out and do that too. One of my close friends I knew was an avid bike rider… by that I mean he has at least ridden a bike in the last three years which I had not. So I arranged for us too meet up on whichever day of the weekend had better weather and go out for a bike ride.

That is how Sunday mor20170423_120732ning, at 10:40 am; bags packed with sandwiches, mini eggs, bottles of water and frubes (we are children at heart), we came to be leaving the house with one of us very unsure on how to ride a bike. But the old saying of ‘Just like riding a bike’ stood true, it was natural and although I was weary about riding on main roads with cars, we soon were happily getting underway with our journey.

We had no route planned, we just knew we wanted to go and talk and ride so we headed off down the main road and found the closest country back-road to allow us to talk side by side quite comfortably without getting hit by a car. The brilliant thing about doing this kind of activity with someone you feel so comfortable with is that it doesn’t matter where you go, it really didn’t matter we’d just be going along and I ask “Do you wanna take this next left?” and he’d go “Sure why not!” and we’d just go and just dart down little dirt roads or sit pondering at the crossroads for a few minutes befroe deciding what to do. It was great to just stop and sit and look at the countryside for a few moments with a great friend.

An hou20170423_120724r or so later and we found a nice spot by the riverside to pull up, a pasture of horses behind us as well. We ate our sandwiches happily in the sunlight and soaked up the rays while we cheerfully talked and took pictures. It was one of the happiest days of 2017 and I can’t wait to go again next weekend.

While out riding we saw more animals than I’d seen all week that weren’t in my house, we saw wild rabbits darting across the roads in front of us, white tails bobbing along as they race away, we saw some very amusing chickens that kept crossing the road every time we came near and some horses who looked more than unhappy to have us eating lunch near them. I realise now that you see much more while on a bike than you do in a car or other form of transport.

Today is Monday though and I am aching, my shoulders hurt, my thighs are cramping and my face and arms are flushed red with sun burn. Although I am aching, I feel amazing, and if the weather was any better I may have gone out again today as the feeling of being outside and adventuring was one I’d happily recreate as much as I could.

Valuable lesson learnt this weekend… take sun cream when riding a bike! You burn easily without noticing.



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