13 Reasons Why (Netflix) Spoiler Free

It’s been quite a while since I sat down and was completely gripped by a television show, where I wanted to know everything about it and could fully binge watchthirteenreasonswhy it (the last was The Man in The High Castle last August). 13 Reasons Why is in just one word, fantastic.

I’d heard of the book some years ago when a girl in my class in Year 10 was reading it and recommended it to me and another friend but I passed on it, it didn’t seem like my kind of book if I was being honest.

Then when I heard earlier this year that Netflix were making a television show off of it I once again didn’t really think it would be my kind of show and passed it, but on an off chance yesterday, in a very bored state of mind I sat down and looked it up online and watched the first episode… that was all it took. BAM! I was hooked. I really wanted a show this Easter holiday to get stuck into, and I found it with this one.

For those that don’t know what 13 Reasons 13-reasons-cropWhy is it’s about a girl called Hannah Baker, who was 17 when she committed suicide. She sent around cassette tapes to 12 people with each side of a tape being dedicated to a person and how their actions influenced her decision to commit suicide. They all heard every side and then had the job of passing them on to the next person and the story follows Clay Jennings who is one of the last people to hear the tapes.

I said this would be spoiler free and it will be but for those still on the fence about watching it I can assure you that the story is so intriguing. If you are going to like this show you are probably going to be hooked after the first episode or two, it’s just one of those shows that has a munchies affect.

For those that love a show with good music this is a real good one for you, it’s got an absolutely cracking soundtrack which had me every 5 minutes or so looking up the name of a song – I have a lot of new favourite songs thanks to this show.

13 reasons why is an incredibly moving series and I know there has been some controversy with it’s ‘triggering’ subject topics but that does not mean it is not worth a watch. In all honesty I may have just finished watching one of the most emotional and well put together shows in a while.

If there is any doubt in your mind about watching this show just go and give it a go, even if it’s only one episode. I advise anyone and everyone to watch this show or at least give it a shot, it may just change your perspective on a few things. netflixtiein


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