National Pet Day

Tuesday 11th April 2017

Today is National Pet Day, of course every day should be Pet Day but today is the national holiday where thousands upon thousands of people will be taking the time to give their pets that extra bit of time and affection which can sometimes be missed in a busy normal day.

My household is a bit of a zoo so I don’t just have

Jessie, Archie, Evie and Roscoe enjoying the summer sun

one or two animals to give love to today, instead I have just a few more. I’ll be spending the time between my 4 dogs (Roscoe, Evie, Archie and Jessie), my two rats (Tywin and Todd), the two rabbits (Dougal and Flo), the 4 mice (Tilly, Blue, Snow and April) and the two birds (Kiko and Bella). We have too many animals, but they are all wonderful in their own little way and yes they are a pain, and yes they make a lot of noise throughout the day and yes they make a lot of mess but we keep them in spite of all of that because they make our days better.

Story time. 

Coming up three years ago now we lost one of our dogs, Dexter, to a very sudden illness. It’s safe to assume that we were all distraught, it was as if I had dropped all of my papers onto a train track and just as I was running to pick them up a freight train came along and blew them all over the world. There wasn’t anyway to come back from that. A few months later we got two puppies, now Roscoe and Evie, to hopefully help mend the hole we were feeling and give the other two dogs company.

They have been great little companions and are a bundle of life that we all needed but you never stop feeling the hurt which meant you needed these new lives. Dexter was only 8 when we lost him and the thing that hurts the most is that’s it, the memories I have are all the memories I’m ever going to have of him. I’ll never hear him scratching at the door to come in, he’ll never jump on my lap after I’ve been away at school all day and I’ll never see that grumpy face sighing heavily at me while I steal his chair.

Roscoe, sunbathing on his favourite towel. Me.

So my National Pet Day is not just for the wonderful lives I have with me now, but the ones that I have lost along the way – because even they deserve some love on these days.

Have a lovely day with your pets and don’t forget that they aren’t
here forever, so cherish them and make as many memories as you can with them.

Plus if you don’t have a Pet to celebrate today with why not go out and get one? There are some beautiful animals looking for homes all over the world so go out there and help a buddy out.


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