The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or as it is more commonly known as the MBTI test, is a quiz with 16 different personality results. It is a free test to take but there is a Premium option if you wish to buy that upgrade to find out even more about your result.

Myself I got the INFJ-T resultscreenshot-4, which is this little guy to the right, and as you can see the INFJ is the Advocate and is ‘Quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring and tireless idealists‘ which I feel just about hits the nail on the head with that one small description. But this test
doesn’t just give you a small sentence telling you that you are introverted or extroverted, oh know this test goes into detail.

It gives whole pages on the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Strengths & Weaknesses
  3. Romantic Relationships
  4. Friendships
  5. Parenthooh
  6. Career Paths
  7. Workplace Habits
  8. And a Conclusion

As well as also pointing out some the famous people for you MBTI type, mine included Martin Luther King, Nicole Kidman, Nelson Mandela, Morgan Freeman and the character Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

It will also tell you the percentage of each of the four categories you are. So there are 5 categories that each have two results, you will be more on one side than the other and these 10 possible results are the following:

  • Extraverted or Introverted
  • Intuitive or Observant
  • Thinking or Feeling
  • Judging or Prospecting
  • Assertive or Turbulent

My own results for this were 74% Introverted, 68% Intuitive, 52% Feeling, 65% Judging and 78% Turbulent.

If you are into taking tests and finding out more about yourself I’d advice taking this test and looking a bit more into the type you receive. For me personally this helped understand some of the more in-depth things about myself that I didn’t understand, and now I understand them a bit better. For example I learnt about the strengths and weaknesses of my type those being that I am Creative, Passionate and Inspiring but also Sensitive, a Perfectionist and must always have a Cause.

I’ll leave a link to the test here and feel free to comment the type you receive in the comments section.


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