Train spotting 2 (Movie Review)

January 29th 2017

Oh man, this might just be my favourite film so far this year. Scrap that, it is my favourite film so far this year. My friends and I went to see this film together because we’d heard a lot about the first one and so the day before we went to see this movie we sat down at various points in the day to watch the first one, and I have to say it was rather haunting.

But we turned up to this film, two of us being 17 and one being 18… if you didn’t know, T2 as it is also being known is an 18 film. So we role up to the counter, our 18 year old friend hands over the document saying we had booked online and the guy says “Can I see some ID?” Me and the other 17 year old share a quick, panicked glance that could only say one thing. “Oh bollocks!” Luckily though, this man only cared about seeing one ID and that was the ID of the guy handing the tickets over. So we all scurried into the film, hoping and praying that no one did a secondary check of ID’s.


Anyway, to the actual film. It starts off with Renton in a gym, long hair an everything – to be honest it threw me off at first and I didn’t recognise him immediately. He is running on a treadmill and seems to fall off and it is later revealed to the audience that he is having health problems (I’m not completely sure what the exact problem is so I’ll say health). He had escaped to Amsterdam after the events of the first film and lived there until his return to Scotland to see his family where his father is struggling to cope with the loss of Renton’s mother.

Spud is still on smack, sees his kid rarely and part way through the film ends up writing down all of the memories he has had with the guys after Sick Boy’s ‘girlfriend’ says he should write them down. After the first film he is shown to of gone to a train station locker and to have found £4,000 left for him by Renton. Spud is such an endearing character and you can’t really help feeling sorry for the poor guy.

Sick Boy is a pimp. No way around it really, he’s a pimp and uses blackmail of some clients that have some particular tastes in the bedroom. His ‘girlfriend’ Veronika wants to be a part of a bigger pimping business where they have their own establishment and so to keep her with him he applies with Renton for a £100,000 loan.

Begbie is of course, Begbie. At the start of the film we find him in jail and working on a way to get out, he conspires with a jail mate who is supposed to stab him lightly in the chest, not enough to puncture all the way through but enough to get him hospitalised… well that goes a bit tits up but he does find himself in hospital and takes advantage of the lax security. He makes his way back to his wife a child, Frank Jr, and begins robbing houses to make money.

A particularly personal highlight of the film for myself was a scene in which Sick Boy and Renton end up at a Battle of the Boyne celebration and are picking pockets there. The pair are not allowed to leave until they sing a song on stage and so the pair head up and end up winning over the crowd with a rather genius song which has every verse ending with the phrase “there were no more Catholics left”.

Or a particular scene with Begbie and Viagra.


Trainspotting 2 was a great film, a film to make you think (mostly about losing your life while the first was more about choosing it), reflect and just enjoy seeing the difference (or very little difference in some cases) between the characters in the original film and now. If you haven’t already seen this film go watch it now, it’s worth the trip to the cinema to see this.


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