Sing (Movie Review)

January 28th 2017

I just got back from seeing the animated singing film Sing, me being a 17 year old who was also accompanied by their other 17 year old friend… we were possibly the oldest there that wasn’t either a child or a parent – ah well. I’d been personally looking forward to the film for almost a year since it’s original trailer debut so there was no way I was missing this one.

Personally I am a fan of animation films, and those that combine animation and singing make for a great film in my books. Of course they have to be done well, there are some rather awful animation films out there that combine singing in the hopes of drawing in kids but most of the time fail spectacularly.

Anyway, back to Sing. I’ve never seen a cinema so packed apart from from the James Bond films, there were security in the actual screen room moving people about so that families could sit together, it was utter chaos. The film itself was decent, the singing was very good throughout though I would of liked to see more from Tori Kelly in the singing department and maybe more from Taron Egerton, but the performances the pair gave were outstanding.

The auditionees wait patiently to see who will get through.

One of the other reasons I was looking forward to seeing this film was Seth MacFarlane, who for those that don’t know is the man behind Family Guy and Ted – not one you’d expect to find in a children’s film about singing animals. Now a large amount of the problems in the film seemed to stem from Seth’s character Mike, who was a big band/blues singing mouse. And though I didn’t mind the character I feel the song choice could of been better for the artist playing the character, there was no singing moment for me that stood out with Seth’s character while there was for Taron’s character Johnny, who stole the film for me – especially the backstory with his dad.

The film starts out with Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) who is a koala that owns the local theatre and has run into some money problem after many shows that didn’t live up to expectation and is therefore sleeping in his desk drawer at work. Sing follows his story to pay back the bank and get his theatre back up an running again by accidentally promising $100,000 instead of $1,000 when a chameleons prophetic eye hits the 0 two times to many.


Would I take my kids to see this film? Sure thing, it’s a fun family film that they’ll probably enjoy and if not hopefully you will. But a word to the wise, get their early, preorder your tickets and remember to teach your children to keep their mobile phones turned off during the film. Yes that is right, the 7 year old sat next to me had an iPhone which she liked to check about every 10 minutes or so.

Seriously though, it’s a good film but if you’d like a bit more of an impact story wise go and watch films like Home or Inside Out. All in all, a very likeable film that should keep the little ones happy for a few hours and the music isn’t that bad either, with a cast of very capable singers.


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