Trophy Hunting: 5 Tips to get you started

I’ve been Trophy Hunting for over 2 year now, and gained my first platinum back on January 10th 2015. I had been playing on a playstation since 2008/9 but I’d never gone for trophies as I was only around 9 or 10 and just completing a game was good enough for me.

For me it started with Infamous Second Son, that was the first game I really enjoyed enough to go back and play through multiple times getting trophies and since then I have racked up a total of 26 platinum’s and a combined total of over 1800 trophies. It’s a good enough hobby for myself until I reach University but for those of you just starting out here are a few tips and tricks to get you going.

What a brilliant game, seriously if you haven’t played it – go check it out!

#1 Platinum games you actually enjoy – The amount of people I know that platinum games just for the sake of it and subsequently come to hate trophy hunting or video games in general because of it is astounding. Platinum games because you enjoy playing them, and if you find yourself not enjoying them then take a break – they’ll still be there in a few weeks time.

#2 Go for online trophies as soon as possible – I for one always play through the campaign before going online, it’s just my personal rule, but as soon as I’ve done that I am looking down that trophy list to check for online trophies as these will almost always be a bugger to get, especially if you let time pass and then later on want to get those trophies… I’m looking at you Assassin’s Creed. You see, when you let time pass, maybe years, you’ll go back and it’s a high chance that the servers will have been shut down or people just aren’t playing anymore – or the ones that are playing are bloody good!

#3 Set yourself some goals – Try to set yourself a goal or two, whether that be reaching level 10 on PSN, getting 50 platinums total or going for 2000 overall trophies. Just make sure you have a goal to keep striving for and something to keep you going. My own personal goal is to reach level 20 on PSN.

That wonderful shiny platinum trophy… damn you!

#4 Kick back with some music on – This is one of my personal favourite things to do and one of the reasons I love trophy hunting. I like to have any excuse to listen to music while looking productive. The same goes for Youtube, if you’ve got some channels you need to get caught up on have your iPad or laptop in front of you and have a set of earphones plugged into that and have Youtube in the background – that way you are doing two things at once and possibly making the grin for trophies that bit more enjoyable.

#5 Take a break every now and then – Though it is a fun pass time, doing it constantly can end up taking some of the fun out of the activity and can sometimes leave you feeling empty if you’ve rushed through a game. So remember to just take a few days, or even weeks off, to play games for the fun that you originally began playing video games for.

I hope this has been a helpful 5 tips to Trophy Hunting, drop a comment to tell me your most difficult platinum or trophy to-date.

Thank you for reading,

Take care, and I hope to see you in the next post 🙂


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