La La Land (Movie Review)

January 15th 2017

I’ve been a fan of musicals for as long as I can remember, 161212_r29165-1200x746-1480541577my favourite film of all time is Annie which I’ve been watching since I was a year old. There’s something about them that just makes me happy, and I know I know, the breaking out into song and dance spontaneously isn’t very life like but that is what makes them great! They aren’t like real life.

La La Land has gained a lot of press over the past few months and I didn’t really know what it was about to be quite honest, I knew it was a musical, and that it had Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in it and I was already sold when I heard Emma Stone. So, when my parents said that they too wanted to see this film and were planning to see it when it came out I jumped at the chance to go and see it.

The film centres around Mia and Sebastian, two dreamers, Mia wants to be an actress and Sebastian wants to open a jazz club called ‘Chicken on a stick’ – an obviously diabolical name for a jazz club but I’d still probably go and visit it. The film cycles through the seasons, starting at Winter and portraying the pairs relationship over the course of a year and then showing a five year later scenario.

A trip to the movies… good first date

It takes a meeting on a busy high-way, a chance encounter in a Christmas themed restaurant and a pool party for the pair to realise that they should get together. As the film progresses through the pairs growing relationship, it becomes evidently clear to the audience that this pair, though seemingly wonderful for each other, cannot follow their dreams at the same time, they cannot both be achieving their dreams together, someone must be on the back peddle and just watch the other succeed. Which of course sends someone such as myself, a rather hopeless romantic that wants to succeed in life, into a spiral of can someone have both of those things… if we go by this films philosophy then, no, one cannot have the all patented both.

I wouldn’t want to spoil anything more for those yet to see it, so I’ll stop it there. But both Stone and Gosling give a very good performance, of course their singing in places could be better but at the end of the day they are actors, not singers – if I wanted a stellar performance on both of those fronts I would of gone to the theatres and watching a Broadway musical.

Found this scene a tiny bit trippy, but the dancing was enchanting

Now would I recommend going to see this film… well it isn’t your typical fun loving and easy going musical, and it isn’t your typical all happy romance film either but if you feel like watching something that gives you a good old thinking session afterwards then I’d peg this film in your direction. It’s a good film at the end of the day, but not a light-hearted one.

I couldn’t wish for a better start for my movie year if I tried, La La Land is the perfect start to the year


One thought on “La La Land (Movie Review)

  1. Still cant understand the headline ‘best movie of the year’ its watchable but I bet no-one came out singing any of the tunes which is the norm of a brilliant musical. Everyone has their own opinion but I hope there’s better films to come, Hackshaw Ridge for one, now that’s a true hero !!

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