Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (Movie Review)

November 19th 2016

I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter since I was a child, granted I used to use the books as potions books instead of reading them when I initially got them (I was like 4 okay), but still I loved the series and definitely would class it as a large part of my childhood. Despite this I have never been to go and see a Harry Potter film in cinema, I just never got around to it… until today… or Saturday.

So what did I actually think of this film? At first I wasn’t to fussed to go and see the film in cinema but after a friend dragged me along to see it, I am so pleased that he did! The film was fucking fantastic and tying so far this year with Bridget Jones for my favourite film of the year! Never did I think I’d fall so fast in love with a film, I literally sat down to watch it and just became transfixed.20161119_130407The best thing about seeing this film was the diverse range of people I saw packed in to my local cinema, we had families, kids, teenagers, couples both young and old and a particular group of elderly ladies that warmed my heart as they walked in to find their seats. It was great to see so many kinds of people watching this film. This nicely brings me on to a point I was going to make, usually in a film when there is a funny scene I am used to hearing a few chuckles but oh no, with this film when there was a funny scene the laughter was echoed from every side of the room – it was great. Of course a few of the scenes I am talking about are the ones with Jacob Kowalski and the Giggle Water… Jesus Christ that made me laugh.

Unlike any other film I’ve seen, this one had people theorising in the bloody cinema! A girl two seats down to me started discussing what was happening with the deathly hallows sign, not that I minded it was lovely to see people so excited.

I loved Newt Scamander, don’t get me wrong he was so bloody lovely and weird and adorable but I’m always a sucker for the darker/bad guys and so I fell in love with Percival Graves, I cannot tell you how hard I fell for Colin Farrell after watching that film. To be honest though every single performance in this film was spot on apart from one… yes I’m looking at you Johnny Depp! You were in the film fmi-colin-farrell-fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-themor no less than a minute and some how dragged the whole thing down a little bit. Don’t get me wrong Mr Depp is an incredible actor, but was he right for the part of Grindelwald? I personally do not think so, but hopefully he will prove me wrong and changed my mind over the next few instalments to the series – which I will be rushing to the cinema to go and see!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is an oddly heartwarming film that proves that even after all these years the Harry Potter franchise still has a hold on us all. Always.



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