Doctor Strange (Movie Review)

October 30th 2016

This year has been a cracking year for superhero films and I’m pleased to say that I just went to see another that can be added to that growing list. So tonight I headed out with a few friends to our local cinema, and what was on tonight’s agenda? Doctor Strange. Not a film I was particularly interested in seeing to be honest with you, but I can’t really turn down a free cinema trip and a couple of hours out of the house!

What did I think of the film? It was pleasantly surprising and much better than I thought it would be. As stated before I had no intention of seeing this film but as a friend of mine seems to want to go and see every hero film coming out this year and is intent on dragging me with him I was roped in to seeing the film. I obviously had no backstory on Doctor Strange and had only really just heard of him because of the film’s popularity. And I can now see why the film has such good reviews.


Of course the film is not meant to be a comedy film but it had some lighthearted humour that made me laugh at the very least such as the scene where Strange is stealing books using portals in front of the librarian, named Wang.

Benedict Cumberbatch did a brilliant job as Strange and once again proved his phenomenal acting skills. A worthwhile change to mention for me was the fact that the romance for Strange was almost very subtle, there was no scene where they furiously made out and announced their love for each other – no, it was just two people who had feelings for each other where other things got in the way. Not that I don’t love a good old romance film but when a superhero movie centres around one it really can be an unpleasant experience if not done correctly.

Doctor Strange and Christine

Of course I was happy to see Mads Mikkelsen getting some love, he’s a wonderful actor and I loved him in Hannibal so I was glad to see him getting a role in a Marvel film.

Definitely worth a watch even if you don’t go to the cinema to see it, I’d say watch it once it is released online.

Thank you for reading,

Take care, see you in the next post 🙂


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