Why the money I make from my future job won’t matter to me.

Money is great. But when given the opportunity to do a job I love but earn average wages or do a job I hate and earn top dollar I’d take the first choice every day. I know, I’m just a teenager and what do I know, all my opinions will change when I grow up and have a family to look after! Wrong. My opinions won’t change because my happiness and my families happiness comes first. But primarily I have to be happy in life to teach any children I may or may not have that being happy is better than being rich.

My parents always say to me “Get a fuck off rich job and have a great life” and if I can somehow combine a job I love into one that makes me a lot of money I’ll take that in a heartbeat. At first I thought it was my parents just being them but then at school I heard a similar thing from one of my teachers. He said, “Working in CISCO pays incredibly well and who wouldn’t want that right?” He is right, who wouldn’t want to be paid well but he was saying this as a reason for me to stay on a course where I had no passion. What I noticed most about the two instances I have mentioned is that both statements came from people who are unhappy in their jobs.

I know I am just a teenager but I also know my own mind and sadly being a teenager means that we often are scared to say what we feel as we expect to be ridiculed for it.

I may not be a wise old owl just yet but I do know that being true to myself is more important to me than having the acceptance of others. And to those people who say I won’t get where I want to in life because the path I have chosen is too difficult and that I’ll never make it. Well anything worth doing in life is going to be difficult, does that mean you won’t do it. Because I sure as hell know that when I’m on my death-bed and so are you, I will have tried, and tried, and tried and tried again until I have happiness but will you know that too?

Being happy for a week or two at a time is great but being happy and thankful every day of my life is what I strive for.



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