Top 10 Songs of All Time

I’m a music nut. I listen to music no matter what I’m doing whether that be working, running, sleeping or playing a video game – music is always there, even if it’s just on low in the background. So I thought I’d put together a Top 10 for my favourite songs of all time (so far).

  1. Here in your arms – Hellogoodbye To the great dismay of my best friend this has to be one if not my favourite song of all time. Something about this song takes me back every time to the first time I found this song and the first time I saw the music video and I was in love. Seriously, I listen to this song and I cannot contain the happiness from hearing it; this was the song I listened to with my first ‘proper’ boyfriend and it made me always think about him, it was the song I first danced too in my room alone and is the song that will always stay with me.
  2. Always – Panic! at the disco An incredibly close second song, another one that makes me smile when listening to it. This year I have planned to make a music video using this song for my end of year project, the lyrics are perfect for it and I definitely am glad I found this song and this band. I found the band through Saints Row 2, the song being ‘Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off’.
  3. Stay a little longer – Brother Osborne A song I only found earlier in the year but has become one of my favourite songs to run too. A fast-ish beat and a country/electronic vibe, this song was definitely becoming one of my favourites.
  4. Where is the love? – Black Eyed Peas I guess this song is a shout out to my childhood which was mostly filled with Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne and David Gray – thanks dad for that last one. Personally I prefer the older Black Eyed Peas tracks, this one being my favourite of theirs, so I’ve been skipping out on a lot of their newer singles.
  5. The Simple Things – Michael Carreon This one I seem to forget I love until I miss click and play this song and then fall in love all over again. Often it gets lost in the hundreds of songs I have on Spotify but when I do run into again it is like greeting an old friend… if the way to greet an old friend was to say “Shit, I forgot you existed but holy hell you are good!”.
  6. A Love That Will Last – Renee Olstead To this day I cannot remember where I actually found this song at and for large periods of time I do forget about this song until I feel like listening to a slow but cheery love song and somehow I find this again. A very beautiful song that I could imagine slow dancing too with the love of my life… should he want to reveal himself to me any time soon that is.
  7. Still – Ben Folds This is my “I’m awake well past midnight and reflecting on everything” song. So many of my late night thinking sessions have taken place because I put this song on and actually started paying attention to the lyrics. Something about this song to me is so underrated and under appreciated which makes me feel lucky to have found this song – through watching Over The Hedge funnily enough.
  8. Each Other – Maggie Szabo, Andrew Allen Just another number of songs that I want to listen too with a future partner. This song to me is the picture of love and romance and such a sweet song deserves so much more recognition than what it has.
  9. Christmas Time – The Darkness I know, I know… it’s a Christmas song. But for the longest time this has been my favourite Christmas song and something about hearing this song reminds me of sitting cross legged on the floor with my parents, music channel on the TV as we put up the tree mid-way through December. I don’t know know what it is about this song that I love so much, maybe the memory attachment or maybe the idea of a long-haired guy playing the guitar with no shirt on, I mean who knows right?
  10. Why do fools fall in love? – Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers After growing up on games like Fallout and Mafia how could I not love classic 40’s, 50’s and 60’s music? Out of it all though this is my favourite, something about it makes me feel like I’ve been whisked back in time and am sitting in New York City with a bunch of gangsters… one can dream.


Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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