Suicide Squad Review

Hey Guys,

On August 10th a few friends and I gathered ourselves together to go and see a greatly awaited film, Suicide Squad. A lot of hype had been built about this film with a lot of expectations made, which if anything did the film no good at all. It meant that people really expected a lot from this film which might of hindered it more than anything else.

I mean yes it was much better than Batman Vs Superman which felt like the story was very rushed and crammed into one film, but maybe that’s because I didn’t bother to watch any Superman films before hand or maybe it’s because Ben Affleck had had no previous film to cement himself as Batman but he did do a rather good job so I guess praise were praise is due and all.


Anyway I entered the cinema with high expectations for Suicide Squad and left being pleasantly surprised. I mean yes in many ways it could of been better, it wasn’t exactly the incredibly funny film that had been pitched to us in the trailers – really all the main laughs were included in the trailers – and yes Jared Leto did have a weird laugh. But all in all it was an enjoyable film with a range of actors that I actually enjoyed quite a bit. As someone who doesn’t really know much backstory or lore to the DC world and only knows what was in previous films or video games I actually really started to like and get a feel for the other characters in the squad that I didn’t know as well, mainly El Diablo.

Of course with such a big cast there was obviously going to be some favourites that got more screen time than others but they could of done it a little bit less obviously. For example the first thing my friends and I said after coming out of the cinema was that Harley Quinn and Deadshot were the obvious main members of the team and were the ones who got the most screen time with their backstories. Which is fine and all but maybe I would of preferred to have seen more from Killer Croc or Rick Flag – though technically not a member of the squad it still would of been cool.


If you are a big fan of the lore then I’d probably advise you stay away from this film because to be honest most people who are really into the background of films like this get pissy as things will not be done exactly as they should but that is sadly what Hollywood is like so I’d say just stick to the comic books. Also if you are a big Heath Ledger Joker fan maybe stay away too as yes a lot of people disliked Jared Leto’s Joker but sadly Heath Ledger is no longer with us so whoever took on the job of trying to fill those huge shoes was going to have a task ahead of them so I think personally that Jared Leto did a decent job.

I’d say the film is decent enough to warrant a trip out to the cinema and maybe I might even pick it up on DVD (one of the first films in years I may point out) but that is because I personally enjoyed the film and thought it was decent. The casting was pretty spot on, incredible performances from actors such as Margot Robbie and Jay Hernandez who played Harley Quinn and El Diablo respectfully.

Thank you for reading this review,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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