The Secret Life of Pets Review

Hey Guys,

I haven’t written much in a while but finally something has awoken my slumber – The Secret Life of Pets was released earlier this week and so me and Callum went to see it earlier today and let me say… oh hot damn that film was good!

Of course as all children’s films should have in them there were parts where only the adults laughed at the jokes but most of the parts only me and Callum laughed at, it seems parents have got so dried up with watching children’s films that the jokes don’t appeal to them anymore. No matter, we laughed enough for all of them.

Max (L), Duke (Middle) and Katie (R)

The film is all about a a terrier named Max who lives a happy life with his owner Katie and spends his days socialising with the other animals in the buildings around him but when Katie brings home a large brown dog named Duke, Max feels threatened and long story short they find themselves away from their home and having to work together to get back there.

This film is of course perfect for children, it’s got that whole comradeship feeling that kids and adults need to learn about but it’s also pretty perfect for the older children in the room too. There are some hard hitting topics disguised in the film that personally touched a place in my heart and maybe it’s just because I’m a sap but I was almost in tears at the end of the film… true animation films just do that to me and if  they are about dogs then Christ alive I will be balling, but this film just really had a way of redefining what it was like to own pets, especially the ending few scenes where it really makes you just want to cuddle up to your own pet and tell them you love them just as much as they love you.

Seriously just go and watch it!

It’s always the beauty of animation that gets me, you see through an animated load of pets it reaffirmed just how much I loved my own animals and I have to say I got home and had to spend a extra minutes saying hello to the dogs and Tywin (the rat). And as I sit here writing this I find myself listening to Without You by David Guetta as in all honesty pets really do make everything better in life – no matter how much mess they make along the way.

So if you want a fun family film that makes you want to hug every animal you own then go out to the cinema and watch it, it’s definitely an essential for your summer vacation.

Thanks for reading,

See you in the next post, take care 🙂


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