Deadpool (Movie Review)

Hey Guys,

This film is defiantly a popular one right now. And on the 16th of February me and my 3 friends carted ourselves to Wisbech for the 7 pm showing. To say this film had me and my friends in stitches was an understatement, not only did it make us giggle until we were having a hard time drinking but it also managed to cram in many other references and funny gags for the audience to relate to such as the Green Lantern card at the beginning of the film, a role Ryan Reynolds portrayed back in 2011.

(I actually began writing this back in March so I’ll carry it on now… in July… oops)

The merc with a mouth finally made it to our screens in a big way and since then it’s definitely went down a storm, of course it did – I mean it’s Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds really does the role of Deadpool justice and even Comic book nerds couldn’t say he wasn’t an almost perfect Deadpool. The funny gags, well timed humour and general rudeness was impeccable and had everyone of all ages laughing. Since it’s release the DVD has gone down a storm too and just about everyone who is anyone has watched Deadpool running across their screens  kicking ass, doing a ‘#driveby’ and singing Shoop while on a bridge… I vote it’s better than the Avengers, even with Tom Hiddleston.

Wall breaking… all the time

So if you haven’t already seen the film go ahead and catch it on DVD because it’s definitely worth the watch… seriously, it’s really worth it.

Thanks for reading,

See you next post, take care 🙂


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