Emily Is Away

Hey Guys,

Emily is Away was a game I downloaded a few months ago on Steam but never got around to playing it, though it seemed interesting I was just always busy doing other things or playing other games. But yesterday morning I had a few hours to myself so I sat down at my computer and opened up the game…


To say I was thoroughly surprised is an understatement. I played through the game and sat and the end going – did I just get the worse ending there is? No, no I did not. I got the regular ending as there is no bad ending only slightly different ways for the game to end. For the first 10 minutes of me finishing the game I was shocked and annoyed, ‘how could it of ended that way?’ I asked myself, confused on what I could of done wrong. But the more and more I played over the last level I realised that the game was actually a genius.

I should probably explain the game, Emily is Away is a game where you choose your Username, choose your real life name and each year you get to choose a new icon for the person you play as. Each year you talk to Emily, who’s username is emerly35. Emily is a friend of yours who over the years it is apparent you drift more and more apart, at the start you are having friendly conversations where each one of you is typing large paragraphs to each other but by the last year the conversation is left to you asking the questions. After you hook up one year – I doubt this is a part you can miss in the storyline – things become slightly awkward, Emily gets back with her ex and the game ends with you telling her goodbye. No ‘see ya’ or ‘talk to you later’ just goodbye.

Some dialogue that you go through in the game 

This final ending coupled with the fact that after this there is no more years to look at is a strong indication that your relationship with Emily, whether platonic or otherwise, ends. As I’ve said before, I ended the game and wondered how this game had gotten 9/10 reviews but after an hour or so I realised that it so perfectly described friendship and relationships in general. They can end with nothing more than a goodbye, and sometimes you don’t realise the strength of the goodbye until much later. It perfectly shows what distance can do to a relationship if you let it.

After ending the game I very much disliked Emily, and couldn’t help wondering why she was speaking to me like she was and what must have happened in her life to make her respond this way. Then it clicked with me, that even though she may have told me ‘what was going’ she actually hadn’t because it didn’t matter how much she told me, she would never be able to really capture what had been said, how it had been said, how she had responded and how she had felt. Therefore I’d never know what she had really been going through at the time.


Overall I very much enjoyed the game and thought it was a quick but eye opening experience. Also the added extra of entering in certain screen names to get different avatars was pretty neat, of course I got the Fallout 4 one 🙂 Kyle Seeley did a brilliant job of capturing such a heartbreaking story in just an hour or so of game play. I would recommend this game to those that enjoy having to search a bit deeper for a fulfilling game and aren’t looking for anything too adventurous.

Thanks for reading,

See you in the next post, take care 🙂


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