Harry Potter Studio Tours London

Hey Guys,

Today was the day my media class and I had all been looking forward to, for today we were journeying to London for the Harry Potter Studio Tours! That’s right, we all arrived at 6 am at our school, both year 12 and 13 media students and piled on a mini bus for a two hour trip to London. Our day didn’t start off too well though as before we had gotten out of the school parking lot our van’s car alarm was going off non-stop and we found out that we didn’t have enough seats in our minivan… oops. So after a few calls to the other teacher on the trip we managed to get him to take two of the people from the minivan with him. And then we were truly off.

This is what 5:45am looks like on my street… rather lovely really.

We arrived around 9:30 and all of us piled out of the van to stretch our legs and marvel in the greatness of the outside of the Tour building. This was my second time visiting the tour but it was still pretty brilliant. We then got informed while we were on our exclusive part of the tour (as we were media students we got an hour of learning about camera angles and seeing props) that Eddie Redmayne was over around 300 metres over from our building filming and at this point myself and the only other girl who does my course shared a quick glance that was us considering whether it was worth getting arrested or excluded for breaking off the trip to go and jump the fence and see him… it’s fair to say I tossed that idea up for a while.

A beautiful sight in the Great Hall.

For those that haven’t been on the tour yet, which you should absolutely go and do even if you aren’t a die hard Harry Potter fan, you guide yourself around the studios – which is easy to navigate and staff are always around either to help you or are showing off certain exhibits like how to make snow or showing off the Goblet of Fire effects. So you are in no way rushed for time so really do sit there and take in everything and anything you want to at your own pace. They do have their own cafeteria-like area which is expensive so I gladly brought along my own pack lunch with me.

After touring the main part of the larger props and having eaten lunch you then go outside for a short while to see the Knight Bus, Privet Drive and a few other surprises. Then you are back inside but this time for some animatronics, artwork and one rather large set that is a thrill to walk down. Looking at some of the artwork had me wondering how anyone in their whole life was that talented as I could hardly draw a stick man without making his head look like a yam. But joking aside some of the artwork you get to see is absolutely breathtaking and really is worth every single second someone has looked at it and more.

By far the best part of the whole tour was seeing this beautiful model at the end.

I won’t spoil any more of the fun for anyone who wants to go apart from, take a lot of money if you are going to buy anything as yes it is very expensive, make sure you have charge in a camera or a phone so that you can take a lot of photos while there and be sure that you give yourself enough time to really enjoy everything – as it’s easy to miss out on things and even on my second trip I’m sure I missed a shed load of things.

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂




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