Hey Guys,

Back when I was in Year 6, around 5 years ago now, it was all the rage to be on Facebook and so I begged my parents to let me have one. They let me have one with the condition that they got to check on it every week – that didn’t last very long. But over the years its gone from me being on Facebook every waking moment to being disgusted every time I dare to browse it once a month.

You see, Facebook has more or less gone to the dogs. It is now ran by teenagers thinking they are more than they really are and adults that quite frankly are sometimes worse than the teenagers. When I go on there now the one thing that keeps running through my mind is ‘You are all fucking stupid! No one cares if you just got Skype to work or if you are eating the best cheese sandwich of your life’. We have an obsession these days with telling every single bit of our lives to everyone we ever knew or may know. Facebook has definitely become a site where all people seem to do is bitch about one another or tell their partner they love them with a million kisses instead of just telling them in private.

So I came to the decision tonight, after almost 6 years of having Facebook I wanted to delete mine. But as I thought about it the multiple thoughts raced through my mind, what if I want to talk to a friend quickly, what if my parents need me to contact someone (neither of them have Facebook you see), what if I had to check what someone had said about me and then it dawned on me… Facebook was like some kind of life line for me, I never went on it, I hated the darn site but somewhere in side of me did not want to delete it at all. I sat hovering over the button, if I wanted to I could just reactivate my account… it would be so simple but now the tab is closed and I didn’t deactivate my account. In spite of me not posting in years Facebook had some kind of hold on me.


Oh well, maybe that’ll be one of my new years resolutions – delete Facebook for a year… that’d be kinda interesting.

Over the next couple of weeks you can expect a few more posts from me, one on Friday as it is Christmas and one on the day of the new year and probably one a few days later before I go back to school with a list of new years resolutions and stuff like that.

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care šŸ™‚


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