Trying Something New (Nerdy)

Hey Guys,

For the first time in many months I actually left my bedroom, put on clothes and went out somewhere… I’m as shocked as you are. What caused this was a few of my friends decided they wanted to do Dungeons & Dragons and I had been adversed to this for quite some time but my friend Dean finally convinced me to give it a shot and so I left the house at 9:30 to meet Dean at 10. We waited for the other 2 guys to show up then went to Dean’s house. Roughly an hour later my character was created and we were ready to start.

My character was a Barbarian, Dragonborn, pimp that ran a brothel named HoeBase and I was also a Knight. Funnily enough there is actually a bit of back story behind this choice in character. My name on League of Legends is ‘ThePimpstar’… young me was a bit of an idiot. But ever since I started using that name online it has kind of stuck with me and now in any game I am some form of pimp. It’s also kind of fun to be a pimp.

Personal  - 1
My beautiful drawing of what I expect she would look like in human form.

Anyway it took around 4 hours to complete our quest which was actually a quest for me. Pretty much we had to kill my special sex troll that was in the Hoebase’s basement and then had to go and retrieve another one to replace it. To do this we went through 5 towns were in each I found more hoes and whores that got sent back to Rochelle my second-in-command (according to our DM she was Latino too).

After our very exciting adventure we all had a riveting urge to go and play some Just Dance and we found out who had the least rhythm out of our little group… it was me. That’s right I have about as much rhythm as a turtle having a seizure but in the group number we ended on I still managed to get 4 stars along with the boys, meaning we got Dean an achievement or two. Go us!

Playing D & D sounds nerdy as hell and when I told a friend this one of my teachers started laughing and I guess that’s the general reaction to playing D & D but it turned out to be pretty fun – maybe not something I’d keep up regularly but definitely something fun that we could do once or twice a month.

We got bored…

Thanks for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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