Fallout 4 Review

Hey Guys,

It’s been exactly a week since the release of Fallout 4 and I decided that after many hours playing it I’d write a review of it. I’ve been pretty looking forward to this game since it’s announcement at E3 so the days leading up to this game I was super excited for it. On the 10th of Novemeber I got a text from my mum telling me that it had arrived and that it was waiting for me at home. As you could expect I rushed home when I was released from class at 4:30 and instantly loaded the game onto my PS4. After 20 minutes of installing, the game was finally ready to be played…

That night I stayed up till 1am playing that game. The same has happened every day for the past week. By far Fallout 4 is the most addictive game I have ever played, I haven’t been able to stop playing and my PC was left forgotten for many days. I actually think that this is the most time I’ve spent away from Fallout apart from sleep and school.

But what makes it so addictive? I have no clue at all! I think it’s to do with the illusion of choice and free will and in some respect the free will is no illusion – if you really wanted to as soon as you arise from Vault 111 you could just piss off and leave the main story line to go and do your own thing… But I do not recommend this as the story is pretty darn great!

Well done Bethesda on yet another brilliant game that has us all hooked. In my opinion I prefer Fallout 4 to Skyrim as I have gotten into the storyline much more in Fallout 4 than I ever did with Skyrim. I am yet to reach the end of Fallout even though I have played over 30 hours of it – this is mostly due to me wanting to make sure I am making the correct moral choice for my first play through (that’s right I do take hours to decide on choices in video games). I won’t spoil the choice for those that do not know it yet but I have to say it is one that really has me questioning my moral standards. In fact so does the whole plot of Fallout.

So what is my final verdict? If you haven’t got this game already what the hell are you waiting for? Go and get yourself a copy of this game and kiss your social life goodbye! Because I have no doubt that my friends will not see me in a game of League of Legends until I am the proud owner of the Platinum for Fallout 4.

Fallout 4
So sexy!

Thanks for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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