A letter to my child

Hey Guys,

So I was looking around for some ideas for a post and this seemed like a good one. Today I’ll be writing a letter to my future child.

‘Hello child… okay I wouldn’t say that, I’d say Sup mini-me, 

This is your mother, writing this at the age of 16. I can only gather that I am rather different to how I am now but I’d like to think I hold the same principles as I do now. 

Words of advice. Being a teenager sucks. It really does sometimes. But it’s also a great time of your life. It’s not the best, in no way will I ever believe that being a teenager is the best time of your life. While you are a teenager though make memories, make friends and just live! I lived my teenage years behind my computer desk playing video games and browsing tumblr. Would I recommend it to you? If it makes you happy then yes. Just go and live the life you want to live, and most of all be yourself. I will never criticise you for being yourself unless you want to hurt dogs. Then I am totally not down with that! But if I have turned out to be the kind of mother that does criticise you then I want you to know that I am sorry, as that is not what I wanted to be. 

You’re going to fall out with people, you’re going to say things you wish you hadn’t and you’re going to be so confused it makes your head hurt at some points. I want you to know that everyone has gone through those kind of emotions and feelings. You are not alone in your feelings I assure you of that. And if you don’t want to talk about your problems to me that is 100% fine, just talk to someone about them… but do be safe on the internet! It really is a dangerous place full of very dangerous people disguised as good ones. 

Now lets roll onto the subject of romance. Do it. There you go, there’s my grand advice. Fall in love with someone ‘way out of your league’, get your heartbroken, be attracted to multiple people at once, don’t date, date every day – I don’t care. Just live. The only advice I’d really want to give you is do date young. Most people are against it but I say go for it because holding out for ‘the one’ is such a stupid thing since when you meet them what are you going to do? You’ll of have had no experience with any form of romance. Of course I’m not saying start having sex with anything and everything but I am saying do not be afraid to date young. Those are the best times to learn and you know what, getting heart broken by the love of your life at the time is going to suck. God it’s going to really really hurt. But I promise you after a while the pain fades a bit and you get to look back at the memories and smile. Or laugh.

School. Now I’m sure you are a very adept student and don’t need my advice but I’m going to give you it anyway. Do your homework as soon as you can! I don’t do that right now but I wish I could, 5 years of leaving homework to the night before is a hard habit to break so I want you to get into the habit of doing your homework as soon as possible. Even my GCSE exams I revised mostly the night before and very often the morning of the exam. I would not advice this even though it managed to work for me and I came out with all of my GCSE’s, I think it was more of how I remembered the information than me actually being intelligent. Just do your homework and I promise you… school gets better.

I guess that’s all I can really say to you future teenage child of mine. I hope you enjoyed reading this, of course I am much cooler than you thought I would be… right? Anyway, I guess I’ll speak to you soon.

Oh one last thing… please never ever be afraid to be yourself, and if you don’t know what being ‘yourself’ is then don’t stress – you’ll find out one day.’


Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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