Spectre (Movie Review)

Hey Guys,

Monday night saw me, mum and dad leaving the house at 10 to 6 and driving to Kings Lynn. Why you ask were we off to Kings Lynn? To go to the cinema to see the newest instalment in the James Bond franchise – Spectre. This may contain a few small spoilers but I’ll try to keep it as spoiler free as possible but you should know that just like all the other James Bond films it contains violence, epic chase scenes and Bond getting it on with a girl. So nothing really all to knew apart from the amount of wit and sass!

This films starts off with Bond in Mexico on the Day of The Dead (If you don’t know what this is just watch The Book of Life and Scooby Doo and the Monster of Mexico) and I won’t say exactly what happens but on his little vacation in Mexico he ends up having a fight in a helicopter with both the pilot and a gang member while said helicopter is being flown rather dangerously over a town square filled with people. Oh yes, ten minutes in and we already have a helicopter fight – aren’t we privileged. And then another ten minutes later we find Bond getting it on with a woman he literally met 4 minutes previous to getting it on with her. He does work fast!

Anyway this film is filled with fast paced action, a tiny bit more mystery than previous films and with amazing wit and sass. I’m not even joking, kudos to Ralph Fiennes on being able to make every single adult member of the audience laugh at the same time. This occurred when he was talking to C and C says ” M stands for Moron” and M replies with something along the lines of “Yes well we know what C stands for” – this caused a lot of laughter in the audience from the adults and left a few of the children there asking their parents why everyone was laughing.

Spectre has taken it’s place at second on my favourite Bond films, only to be topped by Skyfall. Personally I think it’s a brilliant film that’s full of just the right balance of wit and action. So if you haven’t seen it already I recommend going to see it as soon as possible.


Thanks for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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