3 things I learnt from the Sims

Hey Guys,

I’ve been thinking about this post for some time now but after 77 hours playing the Sims 4 and countless hours on the Sims 3 I have decided to write about some things I learnt while playing the Sims.

1. Relationships fade over time 

In the Sims 4 I noticed it more than in the Sims 3 that when you don’t make your sims go and speak to their friends, neighbours or potential lovers then their metre of friendship goes down. In some way this is the same for real life, now I’m not saying in real life we have a meter and to be someone’s friend you should keep asking them how there day is until they are more of your friend but if in real life when you haven’t spoken to someone in a while then it can become awkward or hard to fall back into the same routine as before. Of course there are special cases where people cannot talk for months at a time but when they do they feel completely natural together.

2. People will do what they want 

Yep, no matter how much you may want someone to do something the chance of them doing it is rather slim. Of course in the sims this is different as you are controlling them but sometimes my Sims just do not listen and want to go do their own thing, so instead of chatting up the attractive sim I want them to get with they go and talk to the sims in the next age group above and start getting flirty with them. Sometimes I just have to let them go and do what they want, it’s normally much more entertaining than whatever I had planned for them. The same goes with people, sometimes we really want a conversation to go a certain way and often when I am speaking to someone I have a conversation planned out in my head – but it rarely goes the way I thought it would. Now this can be very frustrating at first but in some respect I like it when it happens, as it shows that people are so much more complex than what we make them out to be sometimes. People are diverse and respond to things in different ways and it’s great to watch that happen.

3. Life gets in the way 

This is the big one I was thinking about. Life gets in the way. Countless amounts of time have I gone into a new save of the sims and thought of an idea I wanted to put into action. My latest was to have a playboy Sim that never settled down. Well it didn’t work since after 8 girlfriends he found a girl he liked, and is now married to her with 4 children all of which are young adults. The Sim that he married I had plans for her to become a writer, but just like with everything life got in the way. Instead of sitting down to write a book she instead was doing homework with her children, instead of researching something for her job she was trying to cook dinner for everyone and instead building new relationships she was left just trying to keep the ones she already had afloat.

In real life it is just the same, we start off with a goal and often they just get sidetracked. Of course in real life we have a bit more time than Sims do but it’s ever so easy to get sidetracked or put a task in the ‘I’ll start it in 5 minutes’ area. If the Sims has taught me anything it’s that every day should be treasured and that sometimes I really wish I had a stats section, to see how many times I’d kissed or see how many times I’d peed myself in public… I hope not too many.

Building relationships and making memories

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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