School… again?

Hey Guys,

That’s right school has started again in the UK but this year was slightly different for me to the last 5 since I actually went into 6th Form this year. For those that don’t know 6th Form is another form of college but in a secondary school. Now I went into school on the 7th of September thinking that it would be the same as all the other years I’d gone into a new year but boy was I wrong.

Our first day was team-building exercises which I didn’t really care much for, our second day was a motivational speech day which wasn’t very motivational and then we were finally allowed to go into lessons. Now I chose to do CISCO & Media with one of my friend group, we don’t get on the best but we talk enough for it to be bearable, but the rest of my group all do the 3 sciences and maths apart from Dean who does just the 3 sciences. So for the first time in almost 3 years I was in lessons without Callum or Joe and that kinda scared me. I’m not a very talkative person at first and so it’s nerve-racking being in a classroom with two people you know – one who doesn’t talk that much and the other you’ve hardly ever spoken to. Then there was the rest of my class. In total there are 9 of us and it is extremely uncomfortable for me at some points since I rarely speak and try to keep myself to myself. To be honest, and this may come off as harsh, I’m just there to learn and take notes and do what I have to to pass the course but listening to the rest of them make jokes is fun to listen too.

The main difference between 6th Form and Secondary School is that we have free periods and can sign in and out whenever we like as long as we turn up to lessons on time. I in total have 13 hours free a week, 2 study periods and 15 hours of lesson. That to me is pretty amazing since almost half of my time in school is spent lounging around in the common room, doing assignments or at home. I never really guessed that 6th Form life would be exactly like that but I’m glad it is, it feels like we are actually getting treated a tiny bit more like adults and our being allowed to be left to our own devices to do what we have to do and get it done on time.

Even though I complained about not wanting to go to UAH 6th Form I have enjoyed it rather a lot so far but already I can feel the work load beginning to pile up, so instead of going to read the book I want to read I’m off to go and cry over a media assignment.

*Time change* 

So it’s a week after I wrote the last section and I feel like I need to add some parts. Though I said I felt uncomfortable around the rest of my class it turns out I get on well with so many of them. This may be down to the fact that we’ve had another week together but I definitely enjoy spending time with them and the one that I had hardly ever spoken to who went to my school previously has turned out to be one of the nicest people I now know – I am ever so glad that I chose this course. Not only am I learning what I want to learn but I am meeting people I get on with.

The ties look cool… only reason I did 6th form… the tie!

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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