30 day photo challenge – Day 23

Hey Guys,

Day 23 – Something Old 

Day 23
One of my three favourite loves!

I tried to get a picture of my dad for this one but when I told him what it was for he told me to ‘sod off’… actually a very respectable answer. So instead I decided to take a picture of my old PS2. This was the first console I ever owned that wasn’t a handheld. Most started with the PS2 but this was my first. My first ever game for this console was the very first spider-man game which when playing as spider-man you could not tough the floor of the city – awfully infuriating! And then it’s sequel spider-man 2 goes on to still be one of my favourite games to this day, though I actually have never beaten it due to the boss fight with Doc Ock.

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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