30 day photo challenge – Day 15

Hey Guys,

Day 15 – Happiness 

Day 15
I did not take this photo as I couldn’t find a subject to smile for me… it was a very rainy day!

I made a post on happiness and how I thought the pursuit of happiness was more enjoyable than the spoon-feeding of happiness. I still stand by this. When you work towards something you really want and you earn it, it is much more enjoyable than realising all along someone was standing there telling you what to do.

The thing that amazes me the most about happiness is that it comes in so many forms and is different for each person. For example I personally find the most happiness in listening to music and spending time with my dogs where as others may find being out in nature or writing or reading to be where they are most happiness. But in my opinion the best kind of happiness is the happiness that you do not expect, the happiness that is a complete and utter surprise.

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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