30 day photo challenge – Day 6

Hey Guys,

Day 6 – Makes you smile 

My babies…

I know, this is a strange one. I could of taken a picture of my boyfriend, my dogs again, my friends but I took this one for a reason. These two consoles hold a lot of memories between them. My PS3 suffered being awake till the early mornings with me and my best friend when she’d sleep over and we’d play Black Ops II zombies into the early hours of the day, it suffered me and my dad playing Unreal Tournament and shouting at each other to be more careful when flying around in the Raptor while the other dangles on a hover board and most of all it suffered through me and my young-self. My PS4 has less memories, but I haven’t owned it for as long as the PS3. But I know there will be many memories on that console too,

I miss the times when I would sit down with my dad for a match of Tournament and the times when my friend would be over and we’d laugh at how dumb we were trying to play zombies and chess at the same time. But the best thing about those times is that every time I look at those consoles I remember them so I know I’ll never forget them… they are locked in that PS3.

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂


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