Hey guys,

Today is my prom day… and oh god I am nervous! Some of you who already saw my other posts can probably guess that I am in no way a ‘girly girl’. I do not wear dresses, I do not wear make up and I do not do my hair in the morning. I run a brush through it and that is fine for me! So today is a pretty big deal for me since the last time I wore a dress I was a year old and at my parents wedding.

*Time Change* 

So I carried this on the morning after prom. It’s currently 9:47 am as I sit writing this and to say last night was fun is a bit of an understatement. Prom was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I decided to go. Watching everyone arrive was so much fun, everyone had a wide variety of cars, and seeing all the girls in such beautiful dresses was a lovely thing. Also all the boys scrubbed up well and as I described many of them ‘dapper penguins’.

After everyone arrived we went inside and mostly sat at tables until the rest of our year heard the word food and then everyone was up and into the canteen. There we spent most of our time. We ate, drank (non-alcoholic substances), danced and took photos. That was the whole night pretty much. On the whole we only had around 2 hours in the actually hall itself but that was fine by us since most people spent that two hours wandering about looking for a photographer or walking around looking for their partner.

Then there was the after party. Me and Callum (who was my date for the evening) went to mine, got changed and then walked around the corner to my friend Jess’ who was hosting a small get together. There was only 12 of us in total there and we all sat out in the garden – me and Callum claimed seats under the gazebo (or as I insisted on calling it last night a gazelle) which were also conveniently very close to the alcohol. At first we didn’t want to start drinking as none of the alcohol was ours and we didn’t want to steal someone else’s. But a friend of mine arrived, said we could have some of hers and after that we just grabbed whatever we felt like.

Most of last night passed in a blur, but some of the funniest parts were when Callum and I would be sat trying to work out what drink we were on (we finished the night on drink number 11 and one shot). Also we had many fun experiences with the rest of the group, mostly Alice who was feeling tipsy after her first drink.

After many bottles of alcohol being finished between the 12 of us, and a whole bag of quavers being demolished, it was time to call it a night at 12 am… or pm… I have no clue but it was midnight when Callum and I stumbled from the party after waving goodbye to people and getting many hugs from our closer friends. Of course Callum’s mum could tell we had been drinking.

I at first considered trying to hide the fact that I had drank from my parents but after a minute of hard concentration and thought I decided that would not be a good idea so instead I told my parents exactly what I had drank, how much of it and then apparently I wouldn’t shut up for an hour as mum sorted out my hair. According to them I shout a bit and talk very fast once I’ve drank alcohol.

Overall it was a fun night, prom was shorter than expected and the after party was much more fun but it is an experience I will never forget. And I’m ever so glad I went along, even though I was nervous about it at first. So to anyone reading this that has prom in the next year and doesn’t think they want to go… do it, it’s a better experience than you expect it to be!

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂

Callum on the left and me on the right
Dean, Callum, me and Joe

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