Shopping trip!

Hey guys,

Generally I hate shopping, it’s a god awful experience where serial killers are made! But on Saturday my mother and I took a leisurely drive to Peterborough (it was in no way leisurely… my mum has serious road rage) to make our yearly shopping trip together. You see every summer my mum and I go shopping to Peterborough and pretty much by all of my clothes for the rest of the year… this generally consists of 2 or 3 shirts, 1 or 2 new pairs of jeans and a shed tonne of socks and underwear. Throughout the rest of the year I only ever buy shirts online and that is mostly only one or two. So I get most of my wardrobe in that one day.

Around 12 we wandered into the… mall, I guess you call it, that is Peterborough shopping centre. Blimey it was hot! We are in the middle of a heatwave right now here is England and yesterday was no exception to it. So we went clothes shopping in the middle of the hottest summer I have experienced in England because we are very intelligent human beings. About an hour into our Primark voyage I was beginning to get very, very hot. And may I say that women are bloody brutal, like holy shit Gollum on crack brutal. Clothes were on the floor, people were shouting at each other and not a sorry, please or pardon was being uttered as toes were being stepped on and ribs met a new friend… elbows!

Long story short, women are awful in shops.

After our two hour long shopping spree in Primark my mum and I took off to McDonald’s for a nice cold drink… What do you mean the ice machine is broken! Well that wasn’t exactly the best news but after 10 minutes of waiting we had our drinks and a place to sit. The place was once again packed and it seemed everyone and their mother was out shopping in Peterborough on Saturday. After our refreshing drinks we decided to take a wander outside, and low and behold a band was playing. A rather loud band actually but one that both of us enjoyed listening to while we enjoyed the summer sun. Another hour of aimless wandering passed and before long we were both getting tired. So we made the 40 minute trip back home and I happily got changed into my new clothes.

There’s something rather refreshing about getting new items. You see over the past weekend I’ve got a new desk chair, new clothes and a new headset. And something about having all new stuff feels pretty darn awesome.

Anyway I feel I’ve rambled on long enough to call this a post.

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you in the next post, take care 🙂

New headset…. I think I’m in love

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